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Yet another doomed fantasy mod?

Discuss game development here, from a distinct game project to an accessible third-party mutator, down to the interaction and design of individual units if you like.

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Re: Yet another doomed fantasy mod?

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afaik LuaCOB is now depreciated, you'll have to bug jK for an update (or lern2Lua and do it yerself)
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Re: Yet another doomed fantasy mod?

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Yeah, couldn't actually get it to work. The beauty of source though is that I can probably translate it. I say probably :?
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Re: Yet another doomed fantasy mod?

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edit: I have exams for Christmas (happy happy fun fun) - work will resume afterwards :wink:


edit 2 (9/3/10): What I've realised is that I don't have enough time to play Spring - not enough time to be any good that is. I want to come back this when I've a little more time on my hands, perhaps when I finish my degree - for now it's going to have to be put on hold. Sorry guys - hate to let everyone down :cry:


I said on my first post that I want to have weapons and abilities warm up before use rather than cooling down afterwards. I need to start thinking about how to implement this because the third Granite unit, the bishop/fool, will have a meteor attack.
The basic idea is as follow - each unit draws energy at a rate defined... somewhere. And each spell has a given cost, also defined somewhere. In addition each unit has a "mana bar", which works very differently from most RTS games:
  • IF a target moves into range THEN
    • Turn unit towards target,
    • Play unit's channel animation,
    • Begin to drain of player's energy.
    • Begin to fill unit's mana.
  • IF the current target moves out of range AND the unit's mana is less than the spell's cost THEN
    • IF there is another target in range THEN
      • Mark 1,
      • Switch targets,
      • Turn to face the new target.
    • ELSE
      • Wait a short delay,
      • IF there is still no target in range THEN
        • Stop draining the player's energy,
        • Set the unit's mana to 0.
      • ELSE Go to Mark 1.
  • IF the unit's mana is equal to or greater than the spell's cost THEN
    • Play unit's cast animation,
    • Fire spell weapon or perform spell effect,
    • Stop draining the player's energy.
    • Set the unit's mana to 0,

That's all fine and good but I have no idea even where to begin coding this, my guess is it'll be something in Luarules :?
This is of course the most complicated scenario: for things like teleport there isn't a target so no checks are necessary. But of course there are a few things that are bugging me:

First of all, super-weapons are certainly something I want to have in the game, because big explosion are awesome: right now I'm looking at earthquakes (might as well take advantage of the deformable terrain), black holes (I know there are some gravity scripts lying around) and volcanoes. Thing is, these will be next to useless against troops if they charge up anywhere near as slowly as nukes get built, as by the time the spell is fired the target will have moved. If they charge up any faster though they'll be instant game winners against enemy bases.

The other thing is that I want some high-tech units to be able to block enemy spells, as this will make non-magical (read "low-teach") units worth deploying later on in the game. The simplest way of doing this would be to use a shield which only works against certain (read "magical") weapons, or to have some sort of anti-nuke. Trouble is that neither really work for spells that aren't projectiles (earthquakes and so on).
I've had a few outlandish ideas like making all spells into some sort of projectile (earthquake tendrils that writhe their way across the sky towards the target) or enabling units to target the target area of a spell to slow down its progress, or maybe just scratch the whole thing and use a system like in Black and White where you charge up your Earthquake miracle. I really want to know what your (collective) thoughts are though: any ideas?

On a side note, I've had a go at CA online - I've come to the following conclusions:
- I (still) love Brawlers.
- Krogoths are really hard to kill.
- I really suck at Spring.

I spent the first 20 minutes repeatedly stalling my economy (in my defence automatic overdrives can be disconcerting) and having thwarted me with some boxes of dirt my opponent started building a Krogoth and a meteor controller and then presumably alt-tabbed. I found and destroyed the super weapon before its completion and eventually killed the Krogoth, but the fact remains that I was almost beaten by somebody who wasn't actually even playing :|
The good news is I no longer feel wronged by my uni-stripe, because I now realise that I actually am a complete noob at anything more complicated than Kernel Panic or perhaps The Cursed. Now I can continue to work on my mod safe in the knowledge that it's utterly doomed, as its name suggests :wink:
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