Point Limmited Armies

Point Limmited Armies

Discuss game development here, from a distinct game project to an accessible third-party mutator, down to the interaction and design of individual units if you like.

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Point Limmited Armies

Post by SinbadEV »

So I was thinking.

Points, everybody gets X metal and X energy. Everything is given a different costs, like Krogs=500M500E and PeeWee=1M1E and everything else falls between. No resources collectors, units don't draw energy to do anything.

So if you had 3000M3000E points, you could use 100M100E for a kbot lab, 10M for a construction Kbot, 200M100E for adv Kbot lab, 20M for adv contruction veicle, then 300M100E for the krogoth gantry, then 500M500E for the krogoth, then you've used 1130M800E, to get your first krogoth, but then you can build 4 more of them... and it's zero build time. also, all this is happening during a game force truce and your basically setting up a base and an army until until everyone has used all their points.

Basic Idea is that the game is about choosing the right army before hand and then being carefull to preservethe units you do have long enough to finish off your enemies.
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Post by NOiZE »

i know i wouldn't like it
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Post by Torrasque »

a bit like Warhammer 40k but in real time?..why not. But how to prevent player from porcing? (when both player haver smaller army than defance?
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Post by aTTacK »

i think its a nice idea...

the 1st person view would be very important for such fights

build time for the units has to set to 0 and towers be deaktivated

but imo it will take a long time to balance this mod because of the tech tree
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Post by Dragon45 »

This would be possible in OTA with a very quick-and-dirty mutator:

Make it set all metal and energy production from units to 0, make all units take up 0 energy and 0 metal when moving and/or firing. Make all construction units unable to reclaim.

Start off with the appropriate amount of metal and energy for your game, and walaa.
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Post by Neuralize »

Interesting idea. Must wait until Spring is fully stable and happy before further features should be attempted.
Warlord Zsinj
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Post by Warlord Zsinj »

Sounds like a game mode popular with OTA.

I believe it's called "Crazy TA". You start with 10k/10k resources, on a metal map, but a unit limit of 20. Usually with 5 or so players. It can be quite fun.
Never play with a gnug though. Without millions of units to think about, they are able to completely micromanage the 20 they have. It is very, very scary.
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Post by Gnomre »

Except 225. I've stolen his parked bombers with air transports before :D
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Post by [K.B.] Napalm Cobra »

Earth2150 did this and it sucked.
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