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Poll of the week: Should NATO and Mospact be devided into seperate countries?

Poll ended at 14 Jul 2006, 20:26

Yes, let's have 20.000 different races and a million units!
Yes, but only split the up in factions like US and Canada, UK and Germany, etc.
No! the sides need to say Binary! keep as it is.
No, just make seperate factories for Bombers, Fighters and Helicopters.
Yes, give the player a choice what country to play in game.
Total votes: 43

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Post by SpikedHelmet » 19 Feb 2007, 01:47

Then get C&C dev tools and get the models yourself. **** them if they think they have any right to withhold unpatented freeware material. I have half a mind to get C&C, download their mod, get mod tools and get the models just because of that.
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Post by Zoombie » 19 Feb 2007, 02:11

Does the term "Common Courtesy" mean anything to you? They don't want to share. Oh well. That doesn't mean you should just steal their junk.

Being a jerk to a jerk doesn't make you any less of a jerk.
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Post by Neuralize » 20 Feb 2007, 00:32

It's actually pretty easy to rip general's units and import them into upspring, it's almost.. too easy.
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Post by smoth » 20 Feb 2007, 02:26

Common courtesy is to ask before taking and respect the wisihes of the mod's creator. I know that maestro is a nice guy and would not take from other mods. So noone get upset, maestro is nice and would never do that.
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Post by Blah64 » 20 Apr 2007, 05:17

I haven't heard any information on this mod in a long time.

Is this mod still being created... or is it finished( just stopped)?

I loved this mod, it was fun playing with current weapons.
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Post by jolt8me » 20 Apr 2007, 11:19

They were supposed to release a new version over last summer. Then it got pushed back to early september, then 2 more months. Eventually they stopped saying a release date and its getting close to being a year.
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Post by HyperNut » 25 Apr 2007, 00:29

Hows it going everyone! I used to play this mod a lot as CalmLlama, but i lost my password so yeah...

Myself, along with some other players, have been trying to drum up support for this mod over the past week or so. Now that the modlink is up we have been getting a lot more games going, and WD is now played about as much as AA.

I want to set up my computer to auto host WD games while it's not in use, i think that autohosting will bring more attention to this great mod. I can't find an autohost program that will host WD, so if anyone knows of one or wants to build one please let me know. I should be able to host 10 player games if the fx are down to min and im not playing.

I am fairly sure that production on this mod halted last summer due to lack of popular interest and lack of time on the developers side. I'm glad there is a new (and playable) version of this mod out.
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Post by raikitsune » 25 Apr 2007, 14:32

i wish they'd release an update aswell :( i used to play this in TA when the navy was still in.
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Post by GrOuNd_ZeRo » 21 May 2007, 07:06

Hey guys, i'm back for a while, Supcom's release made me want to spend my army money on some new hardware and i'm sure it will help with development of TAWD.

I am back from BCT and AIT, interesting experience to say the least, after my leave I will be going to Korea, i'll be able to get cheap electronics there :D cheap DVD's and cheap prostitutes too! (j/k i'm married heehee)

Anyway I will update WD from there more than likely, i'll see what I can do in this month, I will be leaving June 16th for Korea...
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Post by raikitsune » 21 May 2007, 09:59

:o well done with passing that training! Korea eh, lots of time to relax then ;) not like those northern gets are about to start any jazz :lol: . Joking joking. Anyway that aside an update would be brilliant. (except fot the fact i start training myself luckily not such a hard training course RAF ground trade.) so i'll be looking forward to playing it when i get back!
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Post by Abokasee » 21 May 2007, 18:25

What? oh, hey! nice to see the mod will be rolling again
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Post by Mars » 21 May 2007, 19:05

That is awesome. Glad to see you working on this again :P
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Post by maestro » 22 May 2007, 08:19

Hi GZ... glad you are back....
if u to korea..... you will start eat rice and drink rice-beer hahaha :twisted:

me think we could hire some script specialist ...
I cant handle UV hell and eat LUA + cob mess at the same time...

Also... I have open WD page discussion in smothsite (where all the best talent where)... just start work after breaking some of s3o puzzle...
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Post by GrOuNd_ZeRo » 10 Oct 2007, 13:16

i'm back, I got a laptop now that should be powerful enough to run Spring, due to a Harddrive crash I am forced to start over with what I recently released...so that's a setback...

I am planning to start alot of it from scratch to update to modern standards (ACU uniforms for NATO, SCAR weapons systems instead of M8/M29, etc)
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Post by FLOZi » 10 Oct 2007, 13:27


Now split the sides up into countries. :wink:
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Post by MadRat » 11 Oct 2007, 04:00

Welcome back, G_Z. Glad to hear your 'puter problem is solved.
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Post by chillaaa » 11 Oct 2007, 09:44

Yay!! Something to break the monotony of WW2! :)
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Post by GrOuNd_ZeRo » 09 Nov 2007, 07:34

Scriptor is causing problems for me, for some reason all speed variables are screwed up so when I recompile a script the unit wont move its turret(s).

I was wondering if its my dual-core AMD causing problems with floating points or something.

I was trying to implement new explosions and such and change some scripts.

I will be starting over, I will make new sides, this is what I had in mind:

-NAU, North American Union, North America is united as one.
High technology and high cost units, Relies on surgical strike, taking quality over quanity, level 1 is modern weapons while level 2 is FCS weapons such as NLOS-C, NLOS-M, MCS.
-EU, European Union
Heavy armor and good firepower, will have more outdated level 1 equipment but has excellent level 2 equipment such as Leopard 2A6, PzH 2000, etc
-MosPact, New communist alliance, Russia, China, North Korea etc, China will likely be the predominant force here along with Russia.
Will rely on large numbers and cheaper production cost but with somewhat less quality.
-MEA, Middle Eastern Alliance, The middle east allied with Iran as it's centre-point.
Will rely on stealth and surgical strikes, sneak attacks and ambushes, will have a combined force of insurgents and regular combatants, level 1 vehicles are mostly old Russian equipment and civilian vehilces converted to combat vehicles, level 2 vehicles will be Iranian systems which are mostly Russian in origin, level 1 will heavilly rely on stealth.

This is all subject to change, I might start with a simple mod starting with infantry and work my way up from there, I need to get some software for 3D modeling and such so when I have that I will work on that and hopefully I will get the script problems solved.
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Pressure Line
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Post by Pressure Line » 09 Nov 2007, 08:04

GrOuNd_ZeRo wrote:Scriptor is causing problems for me, for some reason all speed variables are screwed up so when I recompile a script the unit wont move its turret(s).

I was wondering if its my dual-core AMD causing problems with floating points or something.
more likely something has changed the Scriptor multiplyer constants.
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Post by KDR_11k » 09 Nov 2007, 08:56

There's a settings dialog, the defaults are <1> = 182, [1]=163840 (I'd recommend setting that to 65536 for convenience but most mods were made with 163840 so the conversion would take work).
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