Dead links on the Wiki

Dead links on the Wiki

Discuss game development here, from a distinct game project to an accessible third-party mutator, down to the interaction and design of individual units if you like.

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Dead links on the Wiki

Post by Ionshatter »

Hello, I've been on a quest to find either an RTS game I could mod or an engine to throw a faction I have into, and was browsing the Wiki for guides on how Spring works, basic development guides, ETC. However the one guide by PTSnoop which has links for template empty game formats all link to, which seems to be completely down. Is there any way I could get these files, or is there a new repository or wiki for this information?
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Re: Dead links on the Wiki

Post by ivand »

All game tutorials here are around decade old (this subject waits for a volunteer to refresh stuff) and hardly relevant anymore as there was a ton of new callins/callouts/param changes happened throughout the years. State of art supportive tools (such as modeling/texturing software) are also completely different nowadays.

IMO making a game from the zero would be largely a waste of efforts as most of the convenience gadgetry/widgetry have been developed already (although some of them might be outdated/not well written). I'd suggest to pick up one of the existing games and strip it of assets, game-defining widgets/gadgets/scripts/etc and build up from there.
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