Widget request: Fog fixed

Widget request: Fog fixed

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Widget request: Fog fixed

Post by Sprang »

Hi there!

Seth's Ravine is an awesome map, and the map's edges look really good, being obscured in fog.

However, currently the fog widget breaks stuff. It makes startboxes completely opaque, and other widgets that use transparency in their textures lose the transparency, as shown here and here.

I've included the widget that's used in Seth's Ravine in this post. I'd be very grateful if someone with the skillz fixed the widget, so that we could play this map properly again, and the widget could be included in future maps too.

Thanks! :)
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Re: Widget request: Fog fixed

Post by Google_Frog »

While it's being fixed I have another request. The fog widget in Seth's Ravine draws fog in front of command queues and cegs which looks really bad. It should draw behind.
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