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Remove or change background image

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Re: Remove or change background image

Post by daryl »

SirArtturi wrote:I just dont know what you mean with background texture.

But I suppose that you mean detailtexture

Therefore the solution is simple:

Make a custom detailtexture for example size 256x256. Paint it solid gray. Remember that the format must be 8bit grayscale. Save it as a .bmp to your map folder /yourmapname/maps

Then open your map .smd file. Add

Code: Select all

to [MAP] section.

Done, you have no detailtexture basically...
yes i mean "detailtextures"...
it's ok now..

i understand... so , in the maps test..I used black, white or too light gray image for detailtex...
i understood only now that i needed to use a dark grey image :)

sorry my wrong..
thx a lot!!!
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