a new map suggestion and request

a new map suggestion and request

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a new map suggestion and request


a map request and idea:

A 1v1 map,about 14x14.
pipz start in 2 oposite corners.
behind each starting position there is a fairly big hill that startes from the edges of the map and has a shape of a Crescent Moon.
it acts as sort of a craddle for the starting position and cannot be climbed on(those hills should have high metal output mexes on them).
Map should be mainly flat but should have highground in some parts on which you have high metal mexes and those highgrounds can only be climbed by all terrain units.
Only air will e able to build there.
Those spots should also contain reclaimable metal.
Around those highgrounds should be metal spots on the flat terrain so that air can build turrets that will reach those metal spots that should be of lower metal value.there should be also metal spots scattered through the map that are not adjescent to the highgrounds.
you shouldnt have too muc hhighground places but each highground should be of good size and should be flat.
the map shouldnt be porcy and the metal balance should be:
about 35-50% on the highgrounds needing ir to claim.the rest should be distributed on the plato metal spots.
the metal spots that are closer to the corners that have no start position(the other 2)should be of higher value than those near the starting positions and in general metal spots near the middle line between the 2 starting corners should have more metal than those closer to the starting position corners(the metal value on the other 2 corners,where there is no starting position,should be higher that the metal value of spots just in the middle and not close to the corners that have no starting positions).
Startegic goals:
Possibility of an air drop on the hills behind the player starting positions(they should also be a flat highground and have a few l;ow value mexes).
The general use of air on a 1v1 map.
****important****the highgrounds should not be close one to the other and allow free maneuvering for large forces in between them..
(not narrow paths...).
Please make such a map.
a bery bery raw and initial scatch to better explain what i meant:
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