Engine Testing - 101.0-RC1

Engine Testing - 101.0-RC1

Discuss the source code and development of Spring Engine in general from a technical point of view. Patches go here too.

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Engine Testing - 101.0-RC1

Post by hokomoko »

Release-candidate for 101.0!

  • Feature shaders
  • Los refactor
  • Transports refactor + fuel & airbase removal
  • Internal pr-downloader support
  • bugfixes & performance improvements
Changes in Detail:
git diff last rc to HEAD

Also make sure you've read this and that

See the download page for how to get it.

If you find a bugs, please report to Mantis.
Please attach infolog.txt as file, if you crash!
current release (known) blocking bugs no major bug.
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Re: Engine Testing - 101.0-RC1

Post by Silentwings »

Can't remember the last time I saw so much new stuff in the changelog, great work.
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Re: Engine Testing - 101.0-RC1

Post by code_man »

Very nice i have been waiting for a long time.
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Re: Engine Testing - 101.0-RC1

Post by Google_Frog »

Is it intentional that the line-drag construction UI has changed?

In 100.0 and earlier you could queue a line of structures by left clicking somewhere, moving the mouse and releasing. The position of your left click is the first structure and structures are built from this point at your specified spacing. In dev engine the interpretation of this command has changed. Now a structure is queued at the location which you released the mouse and all other structures along the line have their position set relative to the last structure in the queue. The initial left click on the map no longer determines where the first structure will be built.

I prefer the old system. The new system is not good for setting the position of the first structure and the first is often the most important as it will be built first. Your constructors might reach the end of the queue before they reach the last. Also the new system causes a lot more movement on the screen as you drag your mouse and I think movement like this is to be avoided.
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