Possible to add ForceDisableShaderSupport ?

Possible to add ForceDisableShaderSupport ?

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Possible to add ForceDisableShaderSupport ?

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I am experiencing big trouble getting Spring to work with my Radeon 5850 / Win 7 64-bit / various catalyst versions (goes to blue screen or in --safemode mostly freezes and hang detection occurs). I have tried various things to find solution to get it to work. And yes, I have tried all parameter combinations for ATIHacks setting too, no help.

And strangely all these crashes started when I moved from 94.1 spring to 95 (and for 96). These happen with normal spring rendering and also with "that GPL violation rendering engine" (which name is banned from these forums?).

Now I am suspecting that it is because of GLSL OpenGL code path (well not the code - but Radeon opengl driver's bugs). I also spotted this
http://devgurus.amd.com/thread/168147 And I am getting crash also at atioglxx.dll exactly at same address 0xC0000005 , seeing this at infolog.txt. I have tried 5 different Catalyst packages and same crash with all of them. Thus crash is not just because of I am using the newest Catalyst OGL driver.

Thus would it be possible to add configuration setting ForceDisableShaderSupport to springsettings.cfg so that I could check if this is the case.

GlobalRendering.cpp has similar code already for Intel / Mesa :
(thus implementation this ForceDisableShaderSupport should be ~3 lines of code)

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	// FIXME:
	//   neither Intel's nor Mesa's GLSL implementation seem to be
	//   in a workable state atm (date: Nov. 2011), ARB support is
	//   also still crap (April 2013)
	if (configHandler->GetBool("ForceEnableIntelShaderSupport")) {
			haveARB |= haveIntel;
			haveARB |= haveMesa;
			haveGLSL |= haveIntel;
			haveGLSL |= haveMesa;
	} else {
			haveARB &= !haveIntel;
			haveARB &= !haveMesa;
			haveGLSL &= !haveIntel;
			haveGLSL &= !haveMesa;
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Re: Possible to add ForceDisableShaderSupport ?

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attach infolog.txt please!
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