Some more profiles

Some more profiles

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Some more profiles

Post by BrainDamage »

tested detonating in BA :
700 windmills, 5 krogs and 500 flashes
500 advanced fusions

profiling results:

dot graph
png render
svg conversion

spring version:, "Debug" build flag, profiler has been running only uring explosions, replay

gimme a shout if you need profiles of particular sections
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Re: Some more profiles

Post by jK »


It would ways more interesting to see a real-life profile. Such a spam fest don't give very realistic results, so you will always got a specific part of code unusually often get called and other codes runs never. E.g. It is ways more important to know how well the LOS code performs compared to MapDamage or (any) CommandAI, etc.
You only get those results in a real-life replay (3v3 or something like that).

And yeah, those SQRTs in the mapdamage code are very time consuming, but they are used in synced code, that's why hold off to replace them with fastmath :/
Also the slope and normals should be imo computed in one step, but for some strange reason the slope loop uses a 3 offset, so it isn't the same as (1.0-normal.y) for the specific spot o_O
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Re: Some more profiles

Post by Acidd_UK »

What profiling tool(s) did you use to produce those graphs?
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