Export to android

Export to android

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Export to android

Post by OldGamerFreak »

Will this game engine export to android and iOS?

If not... when?
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Re: Export to android

Post by Ares »

Although this isn't a direct answer to your question, I think this info is relevant

Nekomune was working on porting Spring to run in browser, so this would let it run on any device. Because many Spring games are very small (BA 20mb) I think it could work quite well with some fine tuning especially for people who want to spectate live battles on the train etc. Control scheme could be adjusted to work with mobile - eg pinch zoom, multi finger selection.

PicassoCT previously got the Spring engine running on his android VR headset and here is a picture of a live map rendering in the real world. Imagine watching the battle in your living room by walking around it and even commanding your units by pointing at them. I think with correct execution this would open the door to creating the future of RTS.



Also I just found these vids of someone playing Spring using touch screen on a tablet:
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