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selection key editor, i'm still dumb

Posted: 09 Mar 2007, 05:06
by carpja
i've searched every wiki/forum i can find about the selection key editor. i am still having NO luck creating the classic "Ctrl-K" for kbots, "Ctrl-V" for vehicles, "Ctrl-P" for planes.

will someone PLEASE post a working selection key editor text string that i can use to set these up.

this has NEVER working for me and i cant figure out what i'm doing wrong

Control_K AllMap+_Category_KBOT+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+

for the luv of god! help me before i get more carpal TS!!!!

PS i play BA if that helps

Posted: 09 Mar 2007, 16:34
by LOrDo
KBOT isn't a catagory in the spring selection keys editor. Dunno where your getting that from.
AFAIK it gives a list of all possible catagories right in the selection keys editor.

Posted: 10 Mar 2007, 02:22
by carpja
what is "AFAIK"????

post a screenshot of that. shouldnt be too hard for "LOrDo of the internets"

and besides, inside of the selection key editor there is a "catagory" type that you can select, and then you enter a text string. what is that for if i cant type in "kbot" or "tank".

Posted: 10 Mar 2007, 02:23
by Kuroneko
carpja wrote:what is "AFAIK"????
As Far As I Know

Posted: 10 Mar 2007, 03:05
by carpja
sorry. the only internet chat thingie i know is WTF.

like WTF do these fields do if i cant put something useful in em like "tank" or "kbot"


gawd i miss those keys!!

Ctrl K = kbots
Ctrl P = Planes
CTrl V = Vehicles (tanks)

please anyone? how is it done?

LordMatt says its possible