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Tutorial and 104+

Posted: 12 Nov 2019, 14:33
by ICE
The unit is not displayed in the game, although the card itself is present.

This version of the engine works:

Why are all these versions not working?

Code as in the tutorial: ... pring_Game

What has changed?
And what needs to be done to make it work?

Re: Tutorial and 104+

Posted: 13 Nov 2019, 19:26
by ivand
Try maintenance branch of engines (the numerically latest one is usually the best). The maintenance is supposed to be as widely compatible with the old GPUs as possible. Every sane game nowadays use some version of maintenance as the game engine.

If you start something new and you feel brave enough, you can start your game with develop branch of engine. This requires new approach to OpenGL programming and compatibility is limited to the new GPUs/drivers. This is the future of spring if it ever materializes. I personally can provide some tips on how to use the new OpenGL correctly.

It's rather strange that you can't see the units. I can see two possibilities here: a) you made some mistakes in the game; b) your graphics card is total garbage to even run maintenance/master branch engines. The latter is not very probable. As far as the former, I suggest you take some game as example and then rip it off to basics rather than going other way around. I'm mostly familiar with BAR(BYAR), ZK, and Evo. They are generally in good shape and follow the engine development (on maintenance branch) closely. Other games might be somewhere around, mind you.

P.S. Nowadays all the active discussion has moved to Discord servers and spring forum looks like a wasteland last couple of years. You are better of joining either official Discord or some popular game.

Re: Tutorial and 104+

Posted: 14 Nov 2019, 14:31
by ICE
Ok, how do I find the Spring RTS team in Discord?

Re: Tutorial and 104+

Posted: 14 Nov 2019, 15:55
by MasterBel
Here. You'll find most help in #sy
Note that #sy on discord is bridged to #sy on matrix, #sy on the Zero-K discord, and can someone confirm whether it's bridged to #sy on the Zero-K lobbyserver?

Re: Tutorial and 104+

Posted: 16 Nov 2019, 11:37
by FLOZi
Tutorial game is extremely out of date, its been on my TODO list for some time. I do intend to get around to it eventually but I haven't in the past few years so who knows if I ever will. :( May as well wait for 105... :regret: :|