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PLZ HELP fix this behavior

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Re: PLZ HELP fix this behavior

Post by Silentwings »

The recommended strategy would be mantis + replay -> discussion/response.


Fwiw, I don't know if your latest gifs are meant to be exactly the same issue as the ones before, and without knowing which orders were issued its all guesswork. Once again, all this is easily avoided with mantis + replay, and then it would also become possible to work out which engine version you'd used without guessing from time-stamps of possibly different time zones. (A new "latest" build appeared after or perhaps shortly before you posted.)
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Re: PLZ HELP fix this behavior

Post by Google_Frog »

Some tips:
  • Keep each bug report ticket/thread focused on a single topic. Make new topics for distinct bugs. The reader should only need to look at the OP to know what the thread is about.
  • Err on the side of supplying too much information. Bug reports are frustrating when you need to tease out every little detail. Usually this includes engine and game version as well as some method of reproducing. At least one of screenshot, replay, video or steps to reproduce, depending on the bug.
  • Write a descriptive title.
  • Spell out the issue without assuming that the reader knows what you know. They may not see an issue until you describe it.
  • Use full English sentences with decent spelling and grammar.
On the (main) report I am heavily on the side of usability rather than realism. Units are consistently able to find their way past terrain in a way that feels fun to use. In versions from a while ago they would hit terrain, stop, turn a bit, try again, stop until they eventually found their way past. This may have been realistic but it was also annoying. Perhaps a terrain jitter equal to maxVelocity (as Anarchid suggests) will fix most of the realism without compromising on usability.

I've come across and solved the Stumpy and Corvette issues with gadgets.
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