Drivers Amd problems

Drivers Amd problems

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Drivers Amd problems

Post by Thunder950 »

Hi guys, i'm a player of spring, glad to write here.
I've problems since 2013 with amd drivers, it seems that the game crash at start up on shadows.
Currently the situation is better because before the last update of drivers, there were more problems: trees, water ecc.
So trought the txt springsetting i've disabled some function, shadows and also water i think.
I'm not sure that this is the best configuration, but it works with a nice graphic, the problem is shadows.
I hope developers will fix this, thx in advance :)

GPU: amd R9 280x toxic 3 gb
CPU: intel i5 3570k
OS: windows 8.1 pro
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Re: Drivers Amd problems

Post by Silentwings »

Please post an infolog and (if you sometimes manage to get ingame) a screenshot of the problem.
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