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Spring 0.95 - BSODing / hanging

Posted: 13 Nov 2013, 20:31
by ismo
I am getting BSOD or hang with many of Spring maps with XTA 9.731 (cannot yet recognize any pattern on which maps it hangs/BSODs). So I get map loaded and rendered to screen, and then I see count down value "3 seconds" but then system immediately freezes. Screen is no longer updated and mouse does not respond (but keyboard ctrl+alt+del does but very delayed like in 5-10 seconds).

My System is:
- Win7 64-bit
- I7 2600K@3.4 GHz stock speed&voltage
- Radeon 5850 (stock settings)
- latest ATI Drivers
- 16GB of ram.

I have tried following things as fixes:
A) all suggested ATI "fix" options: (3dTrees = 0, AdvMapShading = 0, AdvUnitShading = 0, AllowDeferredMapRendering = 0 and AllowDeferredModelRendering = 0).
-> But this did not change anything.
B) I have tried spring.exe --safemode
-> Safemode maybe (not 100% sure yet) took BSOD away but hangs still on same maps where BSODed earlier.

BSOD details:
I opened Win7 minidump with BlueScreenViewer and found out that error is:
"Bug Check 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR. This indicates that an attempt to reset the display driver and recover from a timeout failed."

Error seems to happen at dxgkrnl.sys thus at DirectX subsystems kernel. Here is details from BlueScreenViewer:


Noticed following:
1) Spring starts (this is ok) [Watchdog] Installed (HangTimeout: 10sec)
2) My GPU details:
[f=0000000] GL version: 4.2.12430 Compatibility Profile Context
[f=0000000] GL vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
[f=0000000] GL renderer: AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series
[f=0000000] GLSL version: 4.30
[f=0000000] GLEW version: 1.5.8
[f=0000000] Video RAM: unknown (I have 1GB)

3) Hang detected
[f=0000000] Warning: [Watchdog] Hang detection triggered for Spring 95.0.
[f=0000000] Warning: (in thread: main)

[f=0000000] Warning: Stacktrace (main):
[f=0000000] Warning: This stack trace indicates a problem with your graphic card driver. Please try upgrading or downgrading it. Specifically recommended is the latest driver, and one that is as old as your graphic card. Make sure to use a driver removal utility, before installing other drivers.

-> Hmm, so it seems to suggest that my newest available Radeon driver is outdated(?)/incompatible?. I have tried downgrading but same issue occurs. It never occurs with v0.94 or other games I have played / are playing.

Some other thoughts: is this hang detection related to C++ 11 thread pool in Spring (or is there such)? And not sure if my issue is related to this resolved bug at spring mantis:

I have also another setup (Win8/I7 920/Radeon 6850/24GB). I will give with it try, but that goes to tomorrow.

Re: Spring 0.95 - BSODing / hanging

Posted: 13 Nov 2013, 22:53
by jK
test Shadows=-1

Re: Spring 0.95 - BSODing / hanging

Posted: 14 Nov 2013, 16:44
by ismo
Added that shadows configuration too, but it still hangs. However now the "game start timer" goes from 3, 2, 1 and then freezes, whereas earlier it froze at 3 (at least most of the time).

Re: Spring 0.95 - BSODing / hanging

Posted: 15 Nov 2013, 12:38
by abma
does spring --safemode work? (this does disable all of the following and a bit more, see "safemode"):

such hangs can be mostly fixed by disabling shader stuff, setting LoadingMT = 0, 3DTrees=0, and disable model/map shading.

afaik AllowDeferredMapRendering and AllowDeferredModelRendering are also known for problems.

Re: Spring 0.95 - BSODing / hanging

Posted: 15 Nov 2013, 15:07
by ismo
spring --safemode seems to remove BSOD but it still freezes immediately when count down counter goes from 3 to 1.

I also tried your LoadingMT = 0 it seemed to change loading process a bit , but after it freeze happens exactly similarly. So LoadingMT = 0 does not seem to help.

I have all those 3DTrees=0, etc.

I will test on my second Radeon/I7/Win8 setup tomorrow, today a bit too busy. Thanks for all suggestions, I hope I will find a solution and am not forced to play Planetary Annihilation beta :D

Re: Spring 0.95 - BSODing / hanging

Posted: 16 Nov 2013, 20:20
by ismo
Spring seems to work on my second PC (on Radeon 6850 & Windows 8.1 PRO/16GB). Maybe BSOD and/or freeze is some sort Win7 / 5850 driver etc issue.