Same Access violation crash on BA Chicken Defense twice

Same Access violation crash on BA Chicken Defense twice

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Same Access violation crash on BA Chicken Defense twice

Post by TheFatController »

I've had the game crash out twice in the middle of a game with the same stacktrace now, wondering if anyone who is able to process the stacktrace can please let me know if its something that could have been triggered by some bad scripting on my part..

Code: Select all

[f=0056070] Error: Spring 94.1 (OMP) has crashed.
[f=0056070] Error: DLL information:
[f=0056070] Error: 0x00400000	spring
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77e00000	ntdll
[f=0056070] Error: 0x76900000	kernel32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x775f0000	KERNELBASE
[f=0056070] Error: 0x10000000	DevIL
[f=0056070] Error: 0x721b0000	MSVCP80
[f=0056070] Error: 0x714a0000	MSVCR80
[f=0056070] Error: 0x777d0000	msvcrt
[f=0056070] Error: 0x75990000	USER32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x76870000	GDI32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77450000	LPK
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77660000	USP10
[f=0056070] Error: 0x773b0000	ADVAPI32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77500000	sechost
[f=0056070] Error: 0x76780000	RPCRT4
[f=0056070] Error: 0x75850000	SspiCli
[f=0056070] Error: 0x75840000	CRYPTBASE
[f=0056070] Error: 0x750d0000	GLU32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x75000000	OPENGL32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x74f10000	DDRAW
[f=0056070] Error: 0x753a0000	DCIMAN32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x770c0000	SETUPAPI
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77560000	CFGMGR32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x75900000	OLEAUT32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x76f30000	ole32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77640000	DEVOBJ
[f=0056070] Error: 0x728b0000	dwmapi
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77090000	IMAGEHLP
[f=0056070] Error: 0x62480000	pthreadGC2
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72600000	WSOCK32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77520000	WS2_32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x774e0000	NSI
[f=0056070] Error: 0x75a90000	SHELL32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77880000	SHLWAPI
[f=0056070] Error: 0x6b600000	OpenAL32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72950000	WINMM
[f=0056070] Error: 0x70780000	vorbisfile
[f=0056070] Error: 0x68140000	ogg
[f=0056070] Error: 0x64cc0000	vorbis
[f=0056070] Error: 0x62e80000	zlib1
[f=0056070] Error: 0x66fc0000	freetype6
[f=0056070] Error: 0x62aa0000	glew32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x00330000	SDL
[f=0056070] Error: 0x7c340000	MSVCR71
[f=0056070] Error: 0x76c10000	IMM32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x77700000	MSCTF
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72350000	dsound
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72420000	POWRPROF
[f=0056070] Error: 0x766e0000	CLBCatQ
[f=0056070] Error: 0x73100000	MMDevApi
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72070000	PROPSYS
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72250000	wdmaud
[f=0056070] Error: 0x74320000	ksuser
[f=0056070] Error: 0x74330000	AVRT
[f=0056070] Error: 0x730c0000	AUDIOSES
[f=0056070] Error: 0x722d0000	msacm32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72920000	MSACM32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x723d0000	midimap
[f=0056070] Error: 0x04060000	nvapi
[f=0056070] Error: 0x75770000	VERSION
[f=0056070] Error: 0x728d0000	profapi
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72990000	uxtheme
[f=0056070] Error: 0x6b890000	nvoglv32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x758c0000	WINTRUST
[f=0056070] Error: 0x778e0000	CRYPT32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x76770000	MSASN1
[f=0056070] Error: 0x756e0000	ntmarta
[f=0056070] Error: 0x76d10000	WLDAP32
[f=0056070] Error: 0x74ee0000	DINPUT
[f=0056070] Error: 0x70e50000	HID
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72f00000	mswsock
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72ee0000	wship6
[f=0056070] Error: 0x72ef0000	wshtcpip
[f=0056070] Error: 0x74df0000	dbghelp
[f=0056070] Error: Exception: Access violation (0xc0000005)
[f=0056070] Error: Exception Address: 0x00780469
[f=0056070] Error: Stacktrace:
[f=0056070] Error: (0) C:\Games\Spring\spring.exe [0x00780469]
[f=0056070] Error: (1) C:\Games\Spring\spring.exe(skirmishAiCallback_DataDirs_getWriteableDir+0x2456f4) [0x00A6FC94]
[f=0056070] Error: (2) C:\Games\Spring\spring.exe(skirmishAiCallback_DataDirs_getWriteableDir+0x405c12) [0x00C301B2]
[f=0056070] Error: (3) C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll(free+0x46) [0x777D98DA]
[f=0056070] Error: (4) C:\Games\Spring\spring.exe [0x007033B3]
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Re: Same Access violation crash on BA Chicken Defense twice

Post by SmoothGumdart »

Code: Select all

C:\\Games\\Spring\\spring.exe 0x00780469 /usr/lib/gcc/i686-mingw32/4.7.2/include/g++-v4/bits/stl_vector.h:766
C:\\Games\\Spring\\spring.exe 0x00A6FC94 rts/System/EventHandler.h:810
C:\\Games\\Spring\\spring.exe 0x00C301B2 /usr/lib/gcc/i686-mingw32/4.7.2/include/g++-v4/bits/stl_map.h:576
C:\\Windows\\syswow64\\msvcrt.dll 0x777D98DA ??:0
C:\\Games\\Spring\\spring.exe 0x007033B3 rts/Sim/Projectiles/ProjectileHandler.cpp:375
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