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Problem with resolution 1024*768

Posted: 15 Mar 2013, 19:54
by fissile
I normally play full screen in the above mentioned resolution, since the update my game isn't "full screen" anymore (which is annoying the shit out of me). I have these black sides and in the middle the game.
I tried setting the resolution manually to 1366*768 which did put my game back in "full screen". Only my game now lags when moving around, and units don't behave normally (they just get stuck in places on the map). The game is unplayable...

I tried to take a prt screen of this and paste it in paint, the only problem is that for some reason when I paste it in paint it's all black... this only happens when i take a print screen in game...

I hope someone will look in to this.


Re: Problem with resolution 1024*768

Posted: 16 Mar 2013, 18:37
by PixelOfDeath
I guess you use a HDMI screen and a ATI/AMD GPU?

This is a problem related to over-scanning.

I could get this to show up on the 93 and also on the 91 release.
It was gone after I connected an additional CRT screen beside my HDMI TFT and started a new game.

So it clearly looks like a driver issue.