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Commander Pox

Posted: 07 May 2005, 06:34
by Buggi
This is what happens when the engine tries to load more textures than it can handle.


Commander Pox!!


Posted: 07 May 2005, 08:16
by Rayden
Oh my god .. it's a LEGO commander .. lol

Posted: 07 May 2005, 11:36
by zwzsg
Or when it can't find some textures.

Posted: 07 May 2005, 19:28
by Buggi
It uses *all* the textures... :D

Posted: 08 May 2005, 04:41
by WeaZ
mine did that once with trees.


Posted: 08 May 2005, 04:50
by mongus
Is that some kind of MEGAHugeCommander built from all the arm commanders?

Look at the size of that thing compared to the colector behind!

I must warn the CORE central AI !!!! ...

Posted: 08 May 2005, 05:04
by AF
Get us a copy of that mongus, maybe I could create a quick fix skirmish AI with it