Failed to extact engine - mirrors down

Failed to extact engine - mirrors down

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Failed to extact engine - mirrors down

Post by 7h3v01c3 »

long time TA fan and found Spring just a couple of days ago :) trying to get my kids to play with me and try out Balanced Annihilation>

My issue is we've tried on all our machines, turned off AV, Turned off Firewalls

Installing SpringLobby and updated fails and gives mirrors not found. (hoping my images show up)
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Re: Failed to extact engine - mirrors down

Post by MasterBel »

Balanced Annihilation split a number of months ago, and unfortunately the unmaintained fork is the one that was left on the Spring server. It uses an outdated nightly build of the engine, which is no longer available.

Instructions for the currently maintained fork are located somewhere here
Sure, it uses an even older engine but it's a stable official release that's played on an alternate server, and will definitely be downloadable. Details should be on the website.
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Re: Failed to extact engine - mirrors down

Post by Ares »

1. Download client for your platform from (don't update if prompted)

2. place latest BA version from in: C:\Users\Admin\Documents\My Games\Spring\games (or equivalent)

if you help needed come BA discord
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