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Politics: Are you of legal voting age in your country?

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Are you of voting age?

Poll ended at 17 Oct 2006, 01:00

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Post by rattle »

Ask your president, he had the pleasure.
That's her.
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Post by Snipawolf »

lol? I dun't know whether to laugh or sit here and think about that more..
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Post by Neddie »

There is a MAD magazine joke where a photo of Bush giving her a back rub leads to her saying that as she didn't put out for Clinton, she wasn't going to for him.
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Post by Lindir The Green »

KDR_11k wrote:If you're not going to vote for a major party anyway, why not pick a third party instead? Because your vote wouldn't make a difference? Well, there's probably thousands if not millions of people like you that don't like the major parties but don't vote for minor parties because it's "pointless"...
That's why we need the instant run-off system. Everywhere.

No more far left or far right people getting elected, just people in the middle who the many extremists rank at #2, and so when their #1 candidate is eliminated all their votes go to the middle.

Then even if we dissagreed with the person who was elected, that person would still most likely be sane and logical, unlike in many countries now.
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Post by KDR_11k »

Machiosabre wrote:I'm not saying some people not voting because both parties suck accomplishes anything, but if enough people didn't vote the elections wouldn't count. That might shake things up a bit.
Considering how low the voter turnout in the US already is I don't think that approach is successful, you can always count on the extremists or habitual voters (that vote one party because they always did, no matter what happens) to vote. Get those non-voters to vote third party and you've suddently got a new party in power.
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Post by Caydr »

Why do people even vote in the US? It's like, which way do you want to be raped... Either way, you're electing rich boys who have no clue about what the majority want, because they've never lived that life.

How do you even get on the ballot? Well, it takes money. Does the majority have money? No. So the two ways you have to get on the vote are to be rich at the start (anyone spring to mind?), or to become the lapdog of a bunch of corporate contributors that want to be richer. Regardless of who you pick, odds are you're going to get an assclown that spends the majority of his time on vacation. Democracy, my ass.
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Post by FizWizz »

Caydr hadn't heard of Paul Wellstone, obviously.
The current Electoral College system of the US is a royally f*cked up way of doing things, and the fact that the United States, great baston of freedom and democracy, doesn't have elections by popular vote is just sick. There's my two cents.
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Post by Caydr »

Yeah! Who the heck decided on that crap anyway? US stands for equality, but I guess some states are a little more equal than others, huh?
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Post by Machiosabre »

well if we divided votes among people equally that would be communism :lol:
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Post by Hellspawn »

Yeah I can vote and I also do vote.

My saying is, if you don't vote you aren't allowed to whine about the one who got voted <_<.
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