Video I made

Video I made

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Lindir The Green
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Video I made

Post by Lindir The Green »

Digging around in my hard drive, I uncovered this video that I made for a class about a year ago.

Note: I am not in it, I was (shakily) holding the camera.
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Post by Kuroneko »

There goes about 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back. Thanks.

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Zoombie's AlterEgo
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Post by Zoombie's AlterEgo »

THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! i rated it a 5!
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Post by Min3mat »

OMG he's back
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Post by Zoombie »

Exactly what I was thinking, Min3mat.


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Post by Sheekel »

Haha, that was a great video.

Oh, i almost forgot:

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Post by Rayden »

loool .. great one
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Post by unpossible »

:S i don't get it
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