KeSPA closes Starcraft Proleague

KeSPA closes Starcraft Proleague

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Re: KeSPA closes Starcraft Proleague

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Kespa is/was pretty well known for being corrupt. Not sure how I feel about this.

Sc2 is dying, slowly, but each update tends to make things worse. David Kim has been an atrocious balance manager and his bad decisions are killing the game.

A good example is his refusal to understand the nuances of double harvest methodology and why resources on a bell curve is better than a linear upswing. Moreovwr, the ENTIRE sc2 community was behind dual harvest as were most of the pro scene and players, but since David Kim didn't come up with the idea, we'll just nix half the resources in bases and start you with 12 workers. That'll do the trick.

-_- sigh.
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