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AMD "Mantle"

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Re: AMD "Mantle"

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Silentwings wrote:code won't write itself...

Well, thats the run of things. You cannot coding it, even me, thats clear :) But there is no reason to start with “no one has interest to...”

Zerver had already interest as the first press releases came out. So there is a tiny chance... but who ll know it. Otherwise his Engine is into a stable part already and IMO the most work is done. On his i7 Powermachine its 450% faster on BA against current spring.exe. We played matches with over 10k units with heavy traffic(Racetracks)- so maybe it bored him someday ;) and he start to think about if he isnt too busy. I would appreciate it to abate the expansion of jk's kingdom and perhaps it awaked the interests of one or another young blood for this project.

Its definitely that f****** early to explain mantle for dead
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Re: AMD "Mantle"

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Afaik no one has expressed any interest in doing it
is an objectively correct statement.
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