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Belongings or E-longings?

Posted: 24 May 2009, 20:21
by PicassoCT
Which of it would you sacrifice if you had the choice?

Your belongings: Material Stuff, means houses, money, stock, bed, food, toys, equipment, etc.
(Doesn┬┤t include People and the machine to use your E-longings)

Your e-longings: Everything you ever created on a PC, Programs, Videos, Musik, the whole of the Internet you can acess, even your computer knowledge if you use the pc for workx

I admit that i couldn┬┤t decide. So i guess undecided has to go as a third answer, i only voted for belongings because they are harder to rebuilt, there would always personal stuff to be lost... but the sb who questioned me this, mentioned correct that such things might be on there way to become e-longings too.. so you loose your digital photalbum too..

Re: Belongings or E-longings?

Posted: 24 May 2009, 20:25
by tombom
Well, not having food could be problematic.

Re: Belongings or E-longings?

Posted: 24 May 2009, 20:36
by PicassoCT
Yes, but that was excluded from the question.. it was said that you can start to rebuilt immediatly the basic stuff, which i found a little ridiculous because e-longings are easily rebuilt (so the sb questioning added that the intertubes deleted everything)..

Still.. you kind of gulp before you think about sacrificing maps, games, music, the whole thing, knowing they would never come back the same...

Re: Belongings or E-longings?

Posted: 24 May 2009, 20:43
by Snipawolf
Depends. If it is everything I'm ALLOWED to have, I'd choose "E-longings." If it's everything that I own legally or bought myself, then I'd choose "belongings."

Re: Belongings or E-longings?

Posted: 25 May 2009, 00:34
by Baladin
This is a dumb question imho, seriously your computer is simply one of your belongings in the first place, sure it holds alot of important information and work you may have done over the years but your choosing your virtual life over reality. I have alot of belongings, collections, expensive items, photos, work just as i may have on my pc but i would not give up things which cost a hell of a lot more, arent as easily lost as they may be on a computer, and bring me just as much entertainment a computer would. You might even have special possesions which have been passed down in the family who knows but the truth is belongings ALWAYS > elongings.

P.S Ofcourse this doesnt apply to faggets who sit in an empty room with no furniture, just a plug, chair, desk and a computer, unless you would be the one to choose elongings in which case you would end up like this and become one of these perticular faggets minus the chair and desk making you even more fagget, ill shut up now 8) .

Re: Belongings or E-longings?

Posted: 25 May 2009, 00:51
by 1v0ry_k1ng
if i lost my RPG maker games i would go off on one and stab a policeman in the face

I choose my computer

Re: Belongings or E-longings?

Posted: 25 May 2009, 01:08
by Vabor
I don't own much that isn't electronic so I choose my E-longings. I would miss my zelda replica ocarina though.