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Nvidia gpu debacle

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Re: Nvidia gpu debacle

Post by SwiftSpear »

Argh wrote:LOL, so that's why the 9800GTS doesn't quite hit the same OC benchmarks that the 8800GTS did. Makes sense.

Meh, what a bad series of decisions by nVidia. I know that a company like that, always having to feed today's profits into tomorrow's engineering... is not in good shape to meet a major recall problem like this. Not being really straightforward about investigating their own problems and fessing up (let alone writing a BIOS to lower the clock speeds down to a point where the thermal load isn't so bad, or some other aftermarket solution besides running fans constantly) is a really bad policy decision.

I just hope it doesn't ruin the company, ATi / AMD need real competition, and nobody else has the technology to do that.
Intel's gonna try

Still, Nvidia is one of the few market entities that still supports lunix. Will totally suck if they bellyroll over this.
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Re: Nvidia gpu debacle

Post by Keithus »

nVidia won't bellyroll over this, they are, quite literally rolling in cash. It is a major hit though.

Im just happy that DAAMIT is looking up, sorta, even though they are posting losses still.

On a derailing note, hopefully IBM decides to re-enter the cpu market, buys AMD and begins to compete with intel again.
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Re: Nvidia gpu debacle

Post by Hoi »

Yep, if amd fails, then intel will be the only producer of cpu's, they will slow down development and raise prices which is bad for the buyers :(
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Re: Nvidia gpu debacle

Post by Snipawolf »

I've got an 8800gt and I've not noticed a problem...
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Re: Nvidia gpu debacle

Post by El Idiot »

Only the G80 will not self-destruct in the 8000-9000 lineup?
Is the 9800Gx2 safe? I was actually considering it.

Almost sounds like planned obsolescence to me...
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