Pity the poor bloody infantry :)

Pity the poor bloody infantry :)

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Pity the poor bloody infantry :)

Post by BeeDee »

I haven't found the first-person camera view to be of great use from a tactical standpoint, but I must give it its due in one regard at least; it's been great for letting me finally understand some of the feelings of all the poor doomed units I've sent off to their destruction over the years in TA.

The newly-minted army's selected and given a move order, most of the units that make it up are no more than a few minutes old. They have no idea why, or what lies in store along the path, but without any question or argument they all just engage their drives. They slowly stretch out into a column as they move along, bumping and jostling slightly due to the rough terrain. Suddenly, up ahead at the front of the column, there's explosions and the sound of other units returning fire. The units in the back can barely see a thing of what's happening ahead. Maybe they can recognize what some of the flying debris used to be part of - both friend and foe - but it's not enough to tell who's winning, just that lots of units are dying. The column keeps on pressing forward, since no orders have come down from on high to do anything else. This must be a part of the Great Plan, whatever it might be.

Eventually the units in back have moved up to the front by attrition, and if they're lucky they can see what they're up against. A whole row of HLTs behind dragon teeth and a crater-churned field choked with the debris of comrades that had headed the charge. A target in range! The turret turns, a plasma shell is loaded, the tank makes ready to fire the first shot of its short life.... BLAM! A shell from an artillery turret somewhere way off behind the HLTs blows the tank to smithereens, it never saw it coming. The tank right behind it shudders slightly from the blast and rolls on over the shards of metal to take its place.

Finally there's a tank with no other tanks behind it, and then after it dutifully takes its turn striving to gain just a few more meters of ground through the impenetrable defences there are none.

Poor things. I never realized, all this time with my camera being so high overhead. Perhaps I should try my hand at some TA fanfic, or build a little "war memorial" structure in honor of fallen units. :)
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Veteran units.

Post by mongus »

Have u seen veteran units?

from 29000 to 33000 life, with .59 exp.
increased life regen, increased shot speed... maybe more.

If im in fps, i will choose experienced units. maybe u can get some advantage form this units. (hero units....? 8) )

Fps lets u take some advantage of the artillery units extreme range, but its time consuming (doable with shared commander).

dont remember more uses for it now.
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Post by Storm »

Go you, BD! :o
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Post by Liam »

your avatar makes me happy inside
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Post by Michilus_nimbus »

Liam wrote:your avatar makes me happy inside
How can you say that, when thousands of Peewees are being slaughtered this very instant?!
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Post by GrOuNd_ZeRo »

Heh, you should feel the dispair running around in TA:WD infantry units!
Tanks and Artillery firing at you, MLRS rockets fly over ahead, the only weapons you wield is a 5.56mm M16A2 rifle with a grenade launcher that doesn't even dent tank armor, I feel bad sending my infantry to such hells now :)
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Post by AF »

All your talk of blowing up peewees...

All I say is, give fleas a chance!
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Post by zwzsg »

Fleas are much thougher than you think. Go play some FleaBowl AI. Or search for the fabled Fleagoth Mk.2

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Post by Min3mat »

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Post by Zoombie »

Yes. Pitty the poor poor bloody grunts. I use them as distractions for my nukelear weapon launches. But iv alwaysed loved K-bots, cause they are cooler than tanks, but now i love them EVEN MORE beacause they look EVEN COOLER than tanks now!
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