graphical art frontend

graphical art frontend

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graphical art frontend

Post by Torrasque »

I remember an old "concept graphic" interface :
I didn't remember who has made it, but it look really awesome!
Does someone going to continue this way?

(Sorry for this crappy subject title)
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Post by Ace07 »

I like that inteface, it looks good to me. :)
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Post by Buggi »

I like it to...

Can someone make a vector-based version of it that doesn't look like crap? :D
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Post by Webbie »

No, we need a 3D menu reminiscent of Command and Conquer Generals! With explosions and battles happening in the background! :twisted:

Or we could make it a low priority and work on a working game first. :roll:

Personally I like it how it is. My only issue is that the in-game text is too big, but I would imagine that's fairly easy to change.
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Post by WeaZ »

In game chat needs to be a have a different background too cause now how it is u cant see it on white maps...
Warlord Zsinj
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Post by Warlord Zsinj »

I liked the spring logo with the battle charred flower for the i in SprIng. I thought it captured the tongue-in-cheek nature of Spring perfectly... Use that one!
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Post by AF »

Maybe if spring was set to load a script on runtime if it didnt have any parameters instead of asking for IP's or wetehr you wanna be the server and which map to use and what scipt to run, then when that script is laoded the units are assigned to a group AI which controls the battle and generates an interface with which the user can select thigns and thus allow the group AI to generate a new script, and then when the script ahs been generated and the User ahs clicke dont he appropriate AI generated button the AI will close spring and Spring ill be reloaded using the generated script.

Of course a few engine changes would eb needed for that but it seems more viable than simply saying what you want, and most fo the interfaces are already there
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