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Radar jamming

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Post by mongus »

the blip moves around, but your unit still fires at the correct position regardless

That is not effective... to probe it:

build 2 inmolators, 1 adv. radar next to them.
build 1 kroggoth
build 20 peepers

put the kroggoth 1,5 screens from inmolators,
make peepers patroll above krogotth
give the kroggoth to other team
(press h, mark team 0, check share, press ok)

u will nottice how, as soon there is no more peepers, the inmolators begin to fail.

there are easier ways to prove this anyhow... its noticeable how turrets or units begin to fail as they rely only on radar signal, and not true LOS.

Just line up your samsson and if you have more you'll win

That was a problem in OTA, selected units where much stronger and powerfull than any other, thus no way yo counter them.. (vamps, fidos, mavericks , bombers..), and making them in mass meant sure win.

I'm not telling ota was bad, but had serious unbalance problems.
In that sense i like much more xTA, i still think its well balanced. Not so sure about airplanes vs AA cannons yet.. but still have found ways to counter strongest units (as goliath and kroggoth).

Personally I like the way autotargeting works right now, guess thats the way it should be in a real situation... u dont wait to see ur enemy in the face to shot him uf u have hugemegacannon sitting at ur side... :|
If it autotargeting is disabled u would have to double the defenses at ur base (as well as scouting tasks), because when u get to 'see' ur enemy, he is already at shot distance, and can trash the defenses easily, even more if he is using jammers by the way...

As per radar jamming.. peepers and vamps are the way to go...
and maybe attack gorund or wtv... maybe even fps, i guess its a nice use of it.
Scouting itself is a 'allyed player' task, a support task, as using fps with cannons, a plus of 'shared commander'.

Having anti radar jamer 1,2,3 etc would be pointless... who would spend time building such?

interesting discussion tough.

and sorry if i disturbed u Vehementi, but i see no point in disabling jammer, so i guessed u had some bad experience with them, right now i hate planes so much... :x
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Post by Torrasque »

That's true that autotargetting reduce mass effectiveness.
If you only make samson. Your adversaire don't need to have los...but if some mixt unit are surounded by small one, having los to select the good target is a plus.
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