anyone knows what map is this?

anyone knows what map is this?

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anyone knows what map is this?

Post by BrainDamage »

i saw in the screenshots this map and i belive the graphics looks really cool, i would like to try it, anyone knows what map is this ?

PS: i know there are lots on disussions about wich maps are good or not, i would like to try the map myself before hearing any comments if it is a nice map or no, so please do not reply with comments on the map gameplay, thanks
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Post by PicassoCT »


he made it. And he is evil enough to keep some of his Maps, just posting Screenshots. It is one thing to be a Spring Mapper, but to be that sadistic somebody has to be really evil... :wink:

I request AGORM to remove this Screenshots - or put his Emailadress on them - or atleast the Maps Name. This repeated Requests are getting boring. Oh, and by the Way - Great Work AGORM - maybee the Screenshots do more Promo work for Spring then T-Shirts. :-)
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Post by FireCrack »

It's either acidbridge or acidquadratic, they both are quite similar...
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Post by Warlord Zsinj »

... And there I was thinking it was another request for the tree map.

Y'know, I never did get my hands on that, aGorm =_=
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Post by LOrDo »

Damn aGorm and all his unreleased maps that he advertised around the site. He problably did it on purpose to confuse everyone.
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Post by FizWizz »

whoa, de ja vu, anyone?
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Post by Quanto042 »

um, i seriously think we can measure time by simply basing out life scheduals off of these threads. Its like one of those crazy natural occurances that science hasn't explained yet.

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