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Post by Caydr »

Why are flares invisible? I remember being able to see them at one point. Does it need certain options activated or a certain type of graphics card to show up?
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Post by RedDragonGecko »

just a wild guess but maybe you need to specify a tga or some such
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Post by SJ »

Someone thought it would be a good idea to cast the alpha to an integer before multiplying with 255 instead of after. Its fixed in the development version.
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Post by Acidd_UK »

Do you know off the top of your head if it made it into the release branch?
I don't remember seeing this in the log recently so /me crosses fingers.
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Post by KDR_11k »

Feature frozen is one thing, bugs are another. I believe the freeze wouldn't stop bugfixes like these.
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Post by Tobi »

That's basically the difference between "feature frozen" and "public release" :P

Bugfixes like these should be marked with the BUGFIX keyword in the commit message so my auto merge script picks them up next time I run it.
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