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Posted: 22 Feb 2006, 21:07
by Comp1337
IMO Min3, NOiZE and heze are the best (mortal, not counting SJ) players out there.

me myself i get beat at any tour matches or skilled 1v1s that will be checked. iget so psyched :(

Posted: 23 Feb 2006, 11:10
by SwiftSpear
Anyone played tired recently? It's been a little while since I had a good game with him but he used to have a great game that IMO might beat some of the high end players mentioned here. If he's gotten better then he used to be then he's probably one of the better players in spring today...

Posted: 24 Feb 2006, 03:48
by Dead.Rabit
when i first joined XTA
Foe of the bee with his friend whatshisname on the same comm ispired wetpatches on any noob

mother was also 1 to be scared of

but SJ was almost a myth.. you would hear stories about his playing as if it were fairy tales

twas amazing.. but alas XTA is dieing and now halved in popularity (from 100% to 50%

ohwell =p still need to learn AA tho

Posted: 24 Feb 2006, 04:27
by wwyyy
*cough* mother ftw *cough*

swift tired is like always on and playing on his millions of names. I don't know how you could miss him

Posted: 24 Feb 2006, 15:59
by Dragon45
Hopefully we'll have ladder-style play soon >_>

Posted: 24 Feb 2006, 19:45
by diggz2k
Foe of the bee with his friend whatshisname on the same comm ispired wetpatches on any noob
Whatshisname!? Bah, Dead Rabbit I'm disappointed.

Posted: 13 Mar 2006, 16:47
by antiCamper
So the best players are NOiZE and SJ ? can anyone gime me a demos with SJ playing ?

Posted: 13 Mar 2006, 16:49
by Min3mat
:( i feel so left out ;.; ... opic=75021
You have to register but theres 2 recent good uns there.

Posted: 23 Mar 2006, 21:08
by antiCamper
Nice demos.
But i need OMFG demos :shock:

Posted: 24 Mar 2006, 23:33
by Combine
Been away for a bit, but from what I recall of XTA, definitely Min3Mat, heze, SJ, RedDragon, mother spring immediately to mind.

I used to have a replay of SJ winning a 5v1 on Tendril Mountain (where he was the 1, naturally). I'll see if I can track it down.

Posted: 25 Mar 2006, 15:39
by Dragon45
Who was he up against? :shock:

Posted: 25 Mar 2006, 15:49
by ThundershockeD
I'd go with Heze every time. Sleksa has a remarkable game occasionally though and Min3mat both worth watching. Speak of which point that fella in the direction of those comet ccatcher replays you've got hosted - they're pretty good. (shame the map is so aesthetically dull)

Posted: 25 Mar 2006, 17:43
by ginekolog
minimat and noize are good imo. same goes for bigsteve, but he doesnt like 1v1's.

Is heze and SJ still playing this?

Posted: 25 Mar 2006, 19:22
by Kixxe
Heze get's my vote.

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 20:23
by Day
weeeell, to be honest i think heze is very good at AA but define "best"
i mean you dont see him lose very often but he IS beatable :twisted:
so my vote goes to someone i havent seen losing, SJ! :-)

Posted: 11 Apr 2006, 15:06
by Cabbage
BigSteve, GuiltySpark and DaveTheBrave Ftw! (AA)

Dunno about xta, but i've never seen Guilty beaten in a 1v1, although i've been informed Steve beat him once :D

Posted: 11 Apr 2006, 15:16
by NOiZE
well some months ago i beated guilty several times, but now i am scared of him :P

Posted: 11 Apr 2006, 15:42
by Cabbage
yeah granted, people don't start out instantly uber :D

EDIT: except me ofc :p

Posted: 11 Apr 2006, 17:33
by Sabutai
I beat Guilty 2 months ago or so... maybe its time for a rematch? ;)

Posted: 11 Apr 2006, 19:44
by heze
ginekolog wrote:Is heze and SJ still playing this?
I'm having a spring Spring vacation. School stuff eating all the time and will probably begin playing again in June or so... Hopefully AA hasn't changed too much so I wont have a new game to learn waiting ;)