Hestitation in general

Hestitation in general

Various things about Spring that do not fit in any of the other forums listed below, including forum rules.

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Hestitation in general

Post by NeverLoseGuy »

Time and time again, I ask myself if I made the right choice. This engine really has the appeal to me for several reasons, but at the same time, I wasn't sure if putting all my work here is worth the hassle compared to other game engines I know of.

Not to mention, I really want to focus on making the story for the game first, considering I'm more of a story-oriented person, and even then everything is going very slowly; there's just no energy or enthusiasm overall. I started to doubt if making video games are actually my thing anymore (hopefully it still is, because I already chose this route academy-wise).

So really, the purpose of posting this is to tell why I might not use Spring Engine to make my game, if it were to be made in the first place, as well as the issues that I'm having in general, and to be honest, anything could happen. Maybe it was a mistake that I posted my WIPs here, knowing I wouldn't be sure if I made the right choice.
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Re: Hestitation in general

Post by raaar »

It's better that people write about what they like and don't like than having people developing an engine that gets silently rejected and they never get to know why.
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Re: Hestitation in general

Post by PicassoCT »

Where hesitation is general, corporal punishment and private resentment are not far away.

My advice... make a little map, for one of the existing games and show your story realization talents there.
If you are as good, in realizing game stories as you are creating them in your head, they will beg you to stay.

If the boring work of realizing games Tories consisting of:
- Planning Characters and theire journey
- Scripting Units
- Designing Maps
- Testing Singleplayer
- Rince and Repeat

As these ability, contains a lot of new things (in any engine) you will have to learn a lot which is frustrating and painful. The core-question here is thus are you the sort of masochist which pain drives onwards, or are the sort which reaches escape velocity, imagines a valid excuse and hops to the next grand project.

If you are the second type your stories still can be great - just not in this media. Books are a way more easy to design for medium, which I recommend to you then. If you are a really good author people will still try to make games from it - as they did from quid itch and what all.

The joke is, I started out like you - with the greatest movie of all times in my head, which I miss took for a game. This wild mob here gave me a easy to access door / I got hooked, here we are.

Unfortunately the ability to dream, the heroes journeys left me somewhere along the way.

I wish you everythingg good, hope you make the right decisions and hope you will never post such a piece again - it yells the "I'm the center of the universe, all others are just stage personal to guide this heroe" of all great dreamers from every sentence.

Again like me, years ago.

I guess I should now pretend to be embarrassed for my past self - but you know what, boy was I good back then, and boy if this guy gets it on paper or code, boy will he be good.
And take whatever engine there is to the conceivable limit.

If we made the first map, would you do the units and scripting?
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Re: Hestitation in general

Post by Forboding Angel »

Could you be more specific?

The thing is, if you're making an RTS game, spring is the only engine available that will allow you to do it all by yourself in a reasonable timeframe. Other engines would require more skill in a lot more areas (as in, you would need to make modifications to the engine to get it suitable for an rts game) and even more importantly, much more time.

There are tons of free to use assets lying around in all of our games. Have you considered jumpstarting your project with already created assets?
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Re: Hestitation in general

Post by smoth »

raaar wrote: 17 Jul 2018, 16:43 It's better that people write about what they like and don't like than having people developing an engine that gets silently rejected and they never get to know why.
Funny last time in inquired about the dated map format i was pretty much told gitgud by an engine dev I respected.

I immediately lost respect for him and tabled it.
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