Kloot is touchy / I am an asshole

Kloot is touchy / I am an asshole

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Kloot is touchy / I am an asshole

Post by triton »

Today Kloot decided to close a mantis bug report from doo because he didnt like what I said in BA discord bugreports channel.

First I'd like to apologize to Kloot, BA is my favorite game since a decade, and I have high respect for people who work on it.

This is what I said in discord :
, lets hope we can have one fucking decent engine version one day :[
What I meant is more like : I hope we can have a stable engine soon, it's annoying to have to test both BA and new engine every week, we find new bug each time and It would be nice to have to focus on BA alone from time to time.

You want a "stable" version you can use until the end of time? No problem, I'll just quit all engine development so no new bugs can ever bother you again. Report closed, have fun.
So Kloot just decided to close doo's report, which was done properly, because he didn't like how I reacted on discord?
I'd rather leave Discord moderation role, Host admin role and lobby admin role, than to see Kloot refusing properly done report from doo because of me.

Kloot plz reopen it, also you should sometimes join BA games to see how players talk. Maybe you'd see that I wasnt so much disrespectfull compared to what players says.

I'll try to improve my behavior anyway, just dont punish a whole game just because of me?
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Re: Kloot is touchy / I am an asshole

Post by gajop »

Best not to give your opinion on development if you're not a dev yourself, it can just annoy people.
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Re: Kloot is touchy / I am an asshole

Post by Forboding Angel »

Yes he is touchy at times, but by all rights, it's not entirely his fault. He does a TON of the extremely difficult shit in the engine (making the pathfinder not suck, for example) and people (myself included in times past) talk shit to him about stuff they don't fully understand. So, as a result he gets testy about it. Ofc he isn't perfect, and it's not like I always agree with him, but if his demeanor seems prickly, understand that there is likely a reason.
lets hope we can have one fucking decent engine version one day :[
This is an objectively stupid thing to say. 104.0 is fantastic. Yes there are some enhancements added in 104.0+ that are super nice to have, but to say that there isn't a good, stable, and recent engine release is plain dumb.
also you should sometimes join BA games to see how players talk. Maybe you'd see that I wasn't so much disrespectful compared to what players says.
Why do you always use the argumentum ad populum defense (In this case "Lots of other people do it but I'm not as bad as them so that makes it ok") (you used this fallacy to excuse your statements that people randomly throwing around the n***** word wasn't racist, which I find utterly appalling, but that's an argument for another day). It isn't ok to be an asshole just because some other people are worse!

Take it from the pot calling the kettle black! Though in my defense, I'm very rarely an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole. Generally I'm trying to make a point, but even so, the point that it isn't ok still stands, regardless of reason #xyz123.


Off of that shit, now for the irritated "I told you so" portion...

I told you guys AGES ago to replace transporting with LUA and that Azaremoth had already done most of the work and that Maddox was working on it as well. In fact, I think that maddox completed work on it. It not only replaces the transportation system, it adds features and makes it non-buggy as well.

Engine transporting has always been hit or miss. It seems to be incredibly easy to break and due to that I'm guessing that it has been fixed with rage and duct tape over the years because it's likely that no one wants to mess with it (100% conjecture). Be that as it may, it's not like transportation being crappy is new, and in any cases, transportation has no business being part of the engine (imo), and should be abstracted with lua (and, as mentioned above, it has been). I don't know if Doo looked into it at all. If he did he didn't say anything to me.

The only thing that is needed is for the transport scripts to be in lua, which is pretty mindless. Hell, I already rewrote the dragonfly script in lua ages ago. Although because the origins for the pieces on that model are severely fucked, a lot of the piece turns don't make much sense, so it wouldn't be a terrible idea for someone to go into the model, unfuck the origins and then unfuck the turns used in the script. But beyond that, you can copy and paste it for almost all the others and make the minor alterations that you need.
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Re: Kloot is touchy / I am an asshole

Post by abma »

IMHO this shouldn't be discussed more in public: as its something between Triton and Kloot you should use pms.

in general speaking it was always difficult to introduce changes: its easy to criticize: doing yourself better is usually very hard. So please, be more careful on what you are saying when its in the public. All people here do this in their spare-time: don't expect the same support as for commercial games / stuff as we don't have the resources for that. Everyone must help! Only constructive criticism is useful.

(moved this topic to "General Discussion" as its not related to engine help/bugs)
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Re: Kloot is touchy / I am an asshole

Post by PicassoCT »

The General is not to be discussed.
But i think pms and talk dont hurt the kloot.

What does hurt, is really promising, feature rich and performant branches, with messy code, bonus if they are developed on top of legacy.

PS: Got to introduce the AR-Cam soon- would be really bad, if that house of cards, would happen to rest upon legacy engine. Not threatening or implodeimplying anything here. Just stating the obvious.
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