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Greetings... ..and help (please)

Posted: 23 Feb 2018, 05:26
by thomasg81
Hi there,

I was one of the many victims of Ben Labbe, the creator of RTS creator, ie I foolishly parted with cash for the now defunct software which is still being sold on Steam for which the developer mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth. This was one of the reasons why i was excited to see this new Spring engine.

Unfortunately i am finding the engines GUI (or lack thereof) frankly confusing, i was wondering if anyone can suggest a decent step by step tutorial for absolute noobs from starting the engine to making the most basic game possible.

PS. I found it necessary to use the engine using the portable application file because the installable file seems broken; it is not creating a shortcut file upon installation. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem/ knows of a fix.

Thanks in advance for advice.

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Re: Greetings... ..and help (please)

Posted: 23 Feb 2018, 06:04
by gajop
I'm not familiar with RTS Creator, but from what I can see, it already contains unit prefabs (models, textures, animations, etc.), which makes it easy to start creating a game. Most engines, including SpringRTS do not come with such assets, although there are freely available ones you can find if you search. It's up to the game dev to setup everything and include what they want. Getting started is more difficult, but also allows for more flexibility.

Unlike many other modern engines, SpringRTS does not come with an editor. The closest thing we have to that is SpringBoard, which offers map editing, unit placing and scenario editing functionality - still not enough to make a full game.

The best place to start learning about SpringRTS game development is here: . SpringRTS game development is mostly done by creating Lua scripts, and you can read all about that there.

Re: Greetings... ..and help (please)

Posted: 23 Feb 2018, 09:42
by PicassoCT

if you want to start out with a basic Mulitplayer-RTS-Game, i recommend the Spring Tutorial Game.
Though dated- it contains some basic units to test the waters.

or you can follow this tutorial. ... pring_Game

If anything does not work, you can find use in #sy and #moddev in the springlobbys irc-channels.
Or you can post your questions here.

Spring is the type of software the creator of the RTS-Creator would have used.
Think of creating a spring game as the sort of activity unleashed by the GUI forms of such a creator.

PS: If you have a public game repo, we might be able to contribute to your first steps.

PS: Do not be to hard on Ben Labbe.
The guy simply never thought the whole endavour through. His software would need constant updates and maintainance to allow for all the customers to be happy and the wishes to be fullfilled.
This scenario clearly was not covered by his "sell" once and thats it concept.
Also, the creativity of such a task makes it nearly impossible to cover all ideas without some heavy coding on the designers part.

Re: Greetings... ..and help (please)

Posted: 23 Feb 2018, 16:47
by FLOZi
It's on my long-term TODO list to rewrite or replace the 'Complete Guide...' tutorial. I would be glad of some fresher eyes than mine during the process. Feel free to PM me at any time on the forum and I'll respond as and when I can. The #moddev channel on the lobby is also worth visiting for real-time help, though sadly it is rather underpopulated these days.

Re: Greetings... ..and help (please)

Posted: 23 Feb 2018, 17:03
by PicassoCT
Okay, #s44 or #zkdev then - there is also always someone in #sy.

Re: Greetings... ..and help (please)

Posted: 23 Feb 2018, 17:06
by gajop
though sadly it is rather underpopulated these days.
Keep in mind a lot of us are in the lobby through various bridges (ZK, Discord, Glenda?), so if you ever have something, just write away :)