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About moderator policy

Various things about Spring that do not fit in any of the other forums listed below, including forum rules.

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Re: About moderator policy

Post by PicassoCT »

8611 wrote: Words like "highly productive" and "gets stuff done" really should be looked at closer..
Looked. Yep. Holds. Is productive.

Also, though smoth has a tendendcy to have vendettas, he has also go along with quite a lot of people. So again, a complete ban seems- disproportional.

Restriction to subboards, yes.

@nd regarding Forb
Sorry knorke, but that is the world. Every day, people who are completely clueless, have not studyied engineering and just happend to find a wrench, repair cars, build houses and do other stuff. And you know, we are not all dead yet. Horray.
To demand a ordered, fair universe, that doesent throw bones to the lazy or plain lucky dogs, that is madness. And is not going to happen.
Worser still, in over-regulated worlds, sometimes the lazy and lucky get the certificate that they are good at what they do and continue.
While the cape-able get nothing.
Not fair, but i rather have everybody at least free to try.

If this is nothing personal, everbody involved should be able to show examples of him/her working together with other people in other boards/other circumstances.
Bring it on
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Re: About moderator policy

Post by 8611 »

smoth obviously knows how to model/texture/map but when for ex. the contribution to a thread is some copypasted old file from 7 years ago and during posting it becomes clear that he does not know how/why it works which then it raises the question why to even post it. Posting habits had already come up in this thread.

Nobody repairs a car or builds a house by pure luck.
Even without being professor of topic one must still be able to use the tools.
That can as well be self-learned but somehow one must learn which way to turn a screw and not hit yourself in the foot while shoveling.

The comperasion already ends here because in case of Forboding Angel I simply to do not see that.
viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32095 - trying to learn about unit scripts. Or so it seemed at first, because despite all the help given and explaining there is zero progress made. Slightest obstacle = rage mode on.
And with an attitude like viewtopic.php?f=14&t=26302&p=494213#p494197 that is no wonder.
I do not mean the language(note that thread is "cleaned" by moderators but still..) ,but how he excepts everybody else to break stuff down to he smallest bit for him. Which they actually once more did, but is still not good enough.
The insulting part is the total refusal to understand stuff and actually spend one day to read some tutorial.
Want to be a spring "game developer"? Maybe it is time to learn the languages it uses.
Over years that has been said often enough, by different people.

For both it boils down to if you they can back up an opinion with arguements.
Whole arguemention consists "nope!" ?
Gratulation for making a fool of yourself.
Maybe that is why "digging up the past" is not so bad afterall, so one can compare if anything has (not) changed. viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32994&start=20#p565535

user was warned for this and preceding posts -- abma http://springrts.com/wiki/Felony#2
also, 3rd warning -> 1 week banned
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Re: About moderator policy

Post by aegis »

I wonder what is the correct place and way to discuss moderator's actions? I mean, many of these actions are subjective and then there's usually no point in messaging the moderator in question directly, and some of them rarely respond anyway.

I'm not saying anything against any particular moderator, I just wonder about the way to handle this, because currently there is no policy (or obsolete policy) and this matter hasn't been discussed before as far as I know.
You're expected to politely message the "Moderators" group on the forums (as you likely won't get anywhere fighting with the moderator in question directly). This case is explicitly mentioned in the forum rules. Mods get up to a few messages a week, so I wouldn't really call it obsolete or nonexistent.
Nobody really knows who is active or not, so even simple things like "asking all moderators" are impossible.
See above.

This thread is a bit out of hand, so I'm locking it.
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Re: About moderator policy

Post by gajop »

I'm going to add one more thing to this topic as I had a lot of dealings with the trio mentioned here.
I will not go into details of who I think is wrong here, but I want to say that as a moderator I will not let people be harassed on these forums.
Any personal vendettas which results in attempts force people out of the community will not be tolerated.
@knorke: To be crystal clear here, baiting people by posting things that you hope just might irritate them enough that they will resort to foul language will be considered an act of trolling and will be moderated against.
@everyone: This does not give anyone a free hand to use foul language against a person that you think has wronged you. Those acts are still not allowed.
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