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Ban the autohosts from spring

Various things about Spring that do not fit in any of the other forums listed below, including forum rules.

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Re: Ban the autohosts from spring

Post by Neddie »

Google_Frog wrote:Clearly jj is trying to kill spring.
It is surely the only explanation.
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Re: Ban the autohosts from spring

Post by PicassoCT »

Hey, hitler was voted for democratically. Given enough time, propaganda and apes which grab for airbananas, democracy can archive anything, even itself.
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Re: Ban the autohosts from spring

Post by NOiZE »

Great idea,

Autohosts are awefull!! Remove them!
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Re: Ban the autohosts from spring

Post by Forboding Angel »

Degenerated5 wrote:Ban all the *A mods so my obscure and ill designed game can get the attention it deserves!
No, ban them because they are stolen content.

Ban this faggot, considering that he just insulted every gamedev here.

User has been warned for this post. Felony 4
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Re: Ban the autohosts from spring

Post by Carpenter »

JJ has a point. At least I remember the time when I used to host almost every day and I made people play the same map probably twice, max 3 times.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to try it at least for a week and see what happens. At least it couldn't harm this community, because quite frankly this can't get any worse.
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Re: Ban the autohosts from spring

Post by Johannes »

BaNa wrote:ffs all we need are more lobbywide mods who can, true to their name, moderate games. They already have highest rights on autohosts. When I play on teh autohost (rare as fuck, should be *used to play*), I could just !boss myself and cycle good maps and KEEP TEAMSIZE CONSTANT, without !vote spam. Strangely, we still had enough players and specs.

More actively maintained autohosts are what we need. Maybe make it so that someone with mod rights has to be in the battle room for the autohost to become visible to others?
Why not just use relayhosts or human hosts then? I'd rather have anyone be able to be the one managing the game if they want and they have people who are willing to play in the game managed by them. Rather than only people who are part of some politically chosen moderator group.

Which would be a huge improvement over current autohosts where nobody makes the guidelines most of the time, and the voting is prevalent (except upping teamsize which doesn't need a vote(!) )

What's wrong with relayhosts anyway? So that autohosts are at all needed.
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Re: Ban the autohosts from spring

Post by very_bad_soldier »

My problem with manual hosting is that its a pain in the ass. We (silent and me) did it for about 1-2 years and its really a heap of work. You constantly have to manually balance teams (people join/leave/unspec), spec AFKlers, ban jerks, choose maps, set up startboxes, fix colors etc. etc.
In addition to that, people will constantly yell at YOU because only YOU are responsible for all the above mentioned stuff to work flawlessly. The result is you cant go afk yourself for 5 minutes without people flipping out.

And honestly, I dont see the problem with autohosts. Im serious, someone there who would rephrase the problem? Is it still DSD? Come on, get over it. Majority of people like DSD, majority of people like bad pop music, they like trash TV shows etc etc.
I dont see a solution in banning something just because its too popular or because we think it damages the playing style we (the minority) like most. (Just for the record, I hate 12v12 myself and didnt play on a DSD server for over 6 months I think.)

What exactly do we expect if we ban autohosts? Do we expect the DSD players to be technicall too low-skilled to host DSD manually so we can force them in becoming enthusiastic 1v1 players or at least loving small games? Also people who like to host manually are free to do so. If players choose to play on a host that is ruled by a single person with no democracy they can join there.
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Re: Ban the autohosts from spring

Post by SirMaverick »


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