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Spring map pack 1,436 maps 19.58 GB (Torrent)

Various things about Spring that do not fit in any of the other forums listed below, including forum rules.

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Re: Spring map pack 1,436 maps 19.58 GB (Torrent)

Post by Mav »

I do not see the use for such all-maps pack. Did you sort out some maps or it basically everything that is on springfiles?
I think a mappack with some 10 to 20 selected map might be more usefull. Have some diverse maps from (1v1 to 12v12, land,sea,large,small,...) so players have a starting point.
You know, I thought this might be true for a while, too. My current map pack is 450 maps and 7 GB. I still download more maps to play Zero-K. In the past week I've played 6 maps that I didn't have before. So yeah, people are still playing on new maps all the time. A big part of this is because Jasper has been taking time to sort through them all and filter out the "good" ones to be selected by autohost.

Why is Zero-K different? Maps that play like crap on many mods are viable for ZK. ZK is much less terrain-dependent. You've got a spiders lab, hover lab, amphib lab, jump lab, gunships lab, and planes lab, and ALL of them are viable starting labs. Maps that would be porc-a-rama in your standard *A mods play a bit differently for ZK.
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Re: Spring map pack 1,436 maps 19.58 GB (Torrent)

Post by mason05 »

Mav wrote:The 19 GB torrent. I've already got all the maps contained in the 1.6 GB torrent.
Right I have started seeding my 19GB map pack again for what it's worth.

If someone finds it's useful then great, if not then don't download it :-)

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12/7/2012 UPDATE: Torrent is now being seeded on two 100mbps boxes 24/7.

Download Link: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6747012/ ... 1_436_maps
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Re: Spring map pack 1,436 maps 19.58 GB (Torrent)

Post by Jools »

Cool, this is very useful for me now that I'm putting up a second autohost on my job computer (yes it's no problem). I can't update that autohost all the time so in this case a map pack is just the right thing.

Glad you also found you way here from TA (we use TA:CC = OTA here). Why don't you also try xta, it was a TA mod already before spring.
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