Springfiles update : map categorization and search improvements

Springfiles update : map categorization and search improvements

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Springfiles update : map categorization and search improvements

Post by raaar »


Since about a week or so ago, I've been making changes to Springfiles and deploying them on the server for testing.

The goal of these changes is to improve the map categorization and searching features that have been chronically broken or were lost when migrating from the old springfiles.

- main view has a new "filter" button and shows the map categories differently
Note the number of distinct maps (not files - each map can have several files) is shown next to each category for a better overview.
(In this screenshot only the size-categories have been assigned to the maps)

- drastically increased the search result limits to allow thousands of games, maps etc.
- the number of result items shown simultaneously increases by 60 every time the "more.." button is clicked
- added option to search map by size
- fixed option to search maps by keywords (they correspond to the "map categories" shown on the main view)
- added option to show only the latest version of each map (works for those cases where the map name prefix is consistent)
- the details view shows author, map size and other relevant properties

The map categories or keywords are set separately from the file upload and are made to match the map name prefix. I've added a wiki page that contains a csv list of map name and keywords which can be processed automatically by a script on the server. Newer uploaded versions that match the same map name prefix inherit the same keywords.


Is the current list of keywords for maps good enough?
They're similar to the options available on BAR or ZK web sites but not exactly the same.

I've assigned the size keywords automatically using db queries, but plan to add the other ones manually so it'd be nice to get some feedback before doing the work ;)

EDIT : PR here
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Re: Springfiles update : map categorization and search improvements

Post by Zow »

Cheers. This should make dealing with older infrastructure much better, looking forward to future improvements.
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