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by EXit_W0und
25 Jun 2006, 15:16
Forum: Game Releases
Topic: Absolute Annihilation 2.11
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Since you're still mulling over the idea of adding a bunker structure i have an idea which might prevent it becoming a '20,000 HP d-gun turret' while still allowing units to fire from within. You could disable command fire weapons from being used within the bunker, a slightly lengthier solution woul...
by EXit_W0und
24 Jun 2006, 03:24
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Spring Showcase II - Return of the Beefs!
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good stuff

I like it :D
Definitely improvements over the last one. The transitions between battles are funky, keep them. Although it could maybe use some more epic battles (close and from afar) as kixxe said. Bring in some more super units too, you know we go all crazy for em! :D
by EXit_W0und
03 Jun 2006, 03:11
Forum: Engine
Topic: Suggestion for the 'right click & drag' feature
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curved line formation

I like this idea, I have another addition for once you're happy with this: you could maybe have a curved line formation for if you want a group of units to surround a point in a claw formation, or perhaps like a spear head. It could be a realtively simple way of adding new formations, just by adjust...
by EXit_W0und
28 Dec 2005, 19:44
Forum: Engine
Topic: Disable weapon smoke for fp unit
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I agree with this, smoke levels should be set seperately from the amount of damage done - i would like to try out something like smoke grenades as a new feature. But this would only work if it actually had the effect of reducing line of sight for units inside the cloud. Being able to obscure a playe...

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