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by Google_Frog
27 Nov 2007, 13:03
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Could aircraft carriers store planes???
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What about loading and unloading them like a transporter?
by Google_Frog
27 Nov 2007, 01:13
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: ZOmg less than a month to xmas
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I thought core were the controllers of the galaxy and arm the resistance thus making arm the good guys.
by Google_Frog
24 Nov 2007, 03:45
Forum: Zero-K
Topic: Complete Annihilation News
Replies: 1522
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What about a radar tower spotter unit that can spot enemy radar units? The spotted units must have their range extending to the spotter tower so that the range of the spotted tower matters. Then units with radar would need an option to disable it so your comm doesn't get spotted.
by Google_Frog
21 Oct 2007, 09:18
Forum: Ingame Community
Topic: A mass rate of ragequitting as of late
Replies: 73
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If the opposition has annihilated your base and you ctrl-a ctrl-d that is not a ragequit, it is just a quick way of starting a new game so they don't have to search for your mines. An automatic system would not be able to distinguish between a ragequit or a surrender. The community is small enough t...

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