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by jK
02 Aug 2007, 16:29
Forum: Lua Scripts
Topic: Communicating between Gadgets
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yes it is, first there is a global table "GG" which you can use. It is recommended if you want to access variables or function with return values. please note this is not the way trepan advise! trepan wrote a special oneway custom event interface, the advantage is you can interact with all other syn...
by jK
01 Aug 2007, 02:31
Forum: Lua Scripts
Topic: Lua beginner's F.A.Q.
Replies: 8
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i add a 'complete' (2-3 funcs missing) Lua OpenGl Api documentation for all those who aren't beginners anymore ;)

Lua OpenGL Api
by jK
29 Jul 2007, 01:09
Forum: Lua Scripts
Topic: Mobile Mexes v3 final [updated]
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Mobile Mexes v3 final [updated]

This luaRule allows mobile metal extractors In particular, it assigns ANY* unittype an invisible metal extractor. luaRule + PressureLine's bmobmex (updated) video The script has a config file, so you can edit it easily to your needs. So you can switch ...
by jK
17 Jul 2007, 22:32
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Negative damage
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by jK
09 Jul 2007, 16:44
Forum: Lua Scripts
Topic: LUA Kill Counter
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Quantum and me already wrote a experience based rank system (with icon top left of the units).

If you want it unzip ca-lua.sdz (or browse the svn).
Please note, it only works in 0.75
by jK
09 Jul 2007, 16:09
Forum: Help & Bugs
Topic: Camera Panning Lag
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I had the same problem.

It mostly occurs if you scroll with middle mouse button and it is caused by too less RAM, so Spring has to access the VRAM (on hdd).

For me, a RAM-upgrade (512MB->1,5GB) solved it ;)

btw, switching to linux is a solution too, cause better RAM handling :mrgreen:
by jK
28 Jun 2007, 07:45
Forum: Engine
Topic: Testing Notes from June 27th 2007
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CA bugs :x


most of the posted errors, which caused crashes were CA bugs (bugged luaRule scripts) :oops:

so don't blame the devs for those

and yeah the bugs are fixed in r279.

Remaining spring bugs:
*camera (already solved, but not commited)
*too much timers
*some texture bugs

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