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by mongus
30 Apr 2005, 06:34
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Spring 0.4b evaluation...
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ranting ranting ranting

rant! :?
by mongus
30 Apr 2005, 04:11
Forum: Help & Bugs
Topic: Compiled List of Current TA Spring bugs
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some more bugs

I just found a bug.
When you use FPS mode on a toaster (popup pasma cannon), and has not popped yet, the game crashes (for all players).

Maybe this happens to all popup weapons,i dunno.
by mongus
30 Apr 2005, 03:55
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Custom Textures...
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tadesigners mods

i can't wait either!

if u can port merlinpack i can tell epic battles are comming... :twisted:

by mongus
29 Apr 2005, 19:57
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Clutter.
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Where can i send the money? are they shipped overseas? :o

Very nice, really...
Have anyone seen some real stuff like this?

And i agree that the arm commander is "smaller" than the core... always!
by mongus
28 Apr 2005, 15:43
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: CORE or ARM???
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CORE rux ur base!!
by mongus
28 Apr 2005, 15:18
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Spring Frequently Asked Questions - Look here first
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nice job

Very informative faq. just wanted to add that u "can" unbeach ur units, just destroy the terrain aronud them (works best on naval units) , or (have not tryid this myself) use the freaker to "restore" (reclaim?) an area of the map to original shape (see in-game button descritions). Its usefull when u...
by mongus
28 Apr 2005, 06:27
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Lobby down?
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server down

Good its down... i need some sleep tonight..

Yesterday played till 7 am i guess.. great battle

i hope no big problem with the server.

( 10053r do u recognice the avatar? :mrgreen: )
by mongus
27 Apr 2005, 06:11
Forum: News
Topic: TA Spring 0.4 released
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Right mouse button

You mean you never used the right button interface for OTA??? well it was there, and was the best mode. The right click was very handy, auto repair and guard,without using m o g... It was like wc3 right click.. but years b4. I'm incredibly happy with the release, still dlng, wonder if it would work ...
by mongus
20 Apr 2005, 05:28
Forum: News
Topic: Some brighter news
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forgot to say

I guess I forgot to mention the game looks amazing right now!
Keep up the great job!
by mongus
18 Apr 2005, 18:12
Forum: News
Topic: Some brighter news
Replies: 54
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Unit remake

The remake of units would be accomplished by the community of users... (once its released (at least a beta?! :| )). I think in this stage the programers/developers should dedicate to other aspects of the game than remodel avery unit.... I would like to remake some units myself (or atleast try). I do...

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