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by genblood
05 Mar 2005, 05:16
Forum: News
Topic: Haxxored
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DAMN !!! THOSE FUCKING ASSHOLES :evil: :evil: :evil:

Why can't people just get bendt ....

People that mess with other peoples web sites should be shot
and through in the ocean for fish food .... :twisted: :twisted:
by genblood
19 Jan 2005, 03:56
Forum: News
Topic: "Spring" imminent?
Replies: 145
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I've seen the avi's and its going to be a GREAT .... and MAJOR ... upgrade to TA .... I still play it and looking forward to the day it's release. So, here is my 2 cents on a possible name... Total Annihilation : The Phoenix Encounter Total Annihilation: Red Phoenix Project Total Annihilation: The P...

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