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by aGorm
05 Mar 2005, 11:58
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Bridge?
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For what it was Earth 2150 was quite good, it just, wasn't as fun as TA. I think TA is probablie the most fun iv'e ever had in a game of its type, and probablie the most fun in any game full stop...

How did someone make a bridge? was it one taht botes could go under aswell as units over?

by aGorm
05 Mar 2005, 11:49
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Off/On Stealth
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And the point in stelth when not moving? The handy thing about stelth is you can creep you on a base... However, like clocking it could cost less when not moving.

by aGorm
05 Mar 2005, 11:09
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Reviving the request list
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Or just to simulate tides so some parts of teh map are acessible by land at one time or see at another... Yhe, how do you stand on thsi SY?

And dont forget trampeling trees - Done

aGorm (trust me to remember trees...)
by aGorm
05 Mar 2005, 11:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: First post!
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Hay...... :lol:

aGorm (invetor of the trees topic if you didn't know)
by aGorm
05 Mar 2005, 11:05
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: End game statistics
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Hummm, I'd suggest this (it includes what Mars said...) Kills - units you killed Losses - units you lost Units built - Well... im sure you know what i mean by that energy produced - How much... dhu Metal produced - Dito Percentage of map explored - thats self explanatory Time in game - Time you were...
by aGorm
05 Mar 2005, 10:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Can we have a 1280x1024 screenshot?
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Why 1280x1024? Cant we go the whole hog and have a 1600 x 1200 one? Then I can see what it would be like full screen. :D Or you could do both i suppose... and make sure there are some planes in it...

by aGorm
05 Mar 2005, 10:48
Forum: General Discussion
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Nahh, Alantai wont have a 4 month head start on me this time...

Hay is Fnordia cheating? he apparently has 100 posts... :-)

Stupid haxxorz, now were gonna have to start all the posts all over again. Atleast there will be no Trees in this one.

Well, ecept the one in my avatar...


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