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by Sleksa
10 Apr 2006, 19:39
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Options for preventing com-bombing and other lame tricks
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Scout planes/planes generally can uncloack cloaked units, when something hits their cloaking radius, just build ~15 finks to patrol your base and youll spot every single sniper/spy/commander/decoy commander/hover commander what ever that cloaks in your base. and cloaking commanders costs around 800-...
by Sleksa
27 Mar 2006, 22:10
Forum: Ingame Community
Topic: I herbye proclaim myself as... KING OF AA! (REPLAY INSIDE!)
Replies: 56
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yay! i got to be the king for a day, was fun while it lasted :)
by Sleksa
06 Mar 2006, 18:31
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Lame Tactics - a History and Analysis
Replies: 125
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One of the lame tactics (AA1.44) i found out was the "bear-rush". The idea is that you make hovercraft transports and load enemy comm/units in it. The bear itself has 7k HP, so it can easily float past 2 gaats. "of course you can D-gun it?" Well, the Bear loading arm has huge range, that is almost t...
by Sleksa
19 Feb 2006, 13:02
Forum: Game Releases
Topic: Absolute Annihilation: Spring 1.46
Replies: 1421
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CTRL+B thinks core vipers and free metal makers are builders . . .

Instigator price could be lowered to match their current efectiveness, or you could try to buff their damage just a little bit ^.^

Flea mass increased: why? Oo

and bring back the beamer :(

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