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by 8611
29 Dec 2014, 10:31
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Nightwatch vpn/proxy detection
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Re: Nightwatch vpn/proxy detection

Create lots of accounts named xxx-1, xxx-2, and then you can spam n lines in chat.
(or n*2, not sure what the limit is currently)

To troll in battlerooms: Join a room with lots of accounts and now you can win every vote. (like kick other players as in )
by 8611
29 Dec 2014, 08:38
Forum: Lua Scripts
Topic: LEDZ widgets: nukeTracker.lua
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Re: LEDZ widgets: nukeTracker.lua

Does not really answer the question but might be worth noting... I used BA 7.91 with /luaurules disable and all widgets disabled, except the test widget. function widget:UnitCommand(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam, cmdID, cmdOpts, cmdParams) uDef = UnitDefs[unitDefID] unitName = commands = Spr...

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