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by MidKnight
11 May 2015, 23:39
Forum: Game Releases
Topic: Eternal Struggle 0.53
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Re: Eternal Struggle 0.53

It's gorgeous. You're doing good work.
by MidKnight
14 Mar 2015, 11:45
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Hotmail Liam 2
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Hotmail Liam 2

Anyway, what do you all think of Hotline Miami 2? I've played through the first two acts, and they were just like I remember -- just like the first game. This new one seems to have a greater focus on spontaneity, with larger areas and more glass, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Everything al...
by MidKnight
23 Sep 2014, 06:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The elephant in the room (evolution rts and spring)
Replies: 61
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Re: The elephant in the room (evolution rts and spring)

Hello! I'm back, guys! :regret: Have there been any recent advances? ...But honestly, I visit these forums every three months or so, and the one thing that endures is this ridiculous drama . Get some perspective, guys (esp. you, Knorke). The Spring Engine and its projects are valuable and important ...
by MidKnight
07 Oct 2013, 01:51
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Spring donations
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Re: Spring donations

Rising from ashes. Not merely an attendant
but the super
sees like the phe

:regret: :regret: :regret: :regret:
by MidKnight
01 Oct 2013, 15:09
Forum: Ingame Community
Topic: French lobby
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Re: French lobby

I actually think this is a cool idea. Community split's no fun, but it also opens the door to the coexistence of multiple diverse communities, and if it flops, everyone re-integrates!
by MidKnight
17 May 2013, 07:28
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Don't Starve
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Re: Don't Starve

I kind of lost interest when I realized that there were crucial, non-replenishable resources. That bothered me at first, but the world's big enough that you'll build everything before you even begin running out of resources. ...unless you want to make a gigantic multi-biome beehive-castle or someth...
by MidKnight
17 May 2013, 05:10
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Don't Starve
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Re: Don't Starve

Yeah! I play this game! I had the similar initial reaction to smoth's -- "this looks like Minecraft but with sketchy art to make it different ." But then I played it, and it's great! Also, losing your whole save file when you die adds a whole ton of tension to things. All in all, the game ...
by MidKnight
17 May 2013, 05:02
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Promotion/Advertising for Spring
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Re: Promotion/Advertising for Spring

I visit after 4 months and ouroboros. I guess it's inevitable, though.
by MidKnight
10 Mar 2013, 11:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Japanese Spring Players
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Re: Japanese Spring Players

man oh man -- are you guys tackling carriers, too?
by MidKnight
09 Feb 2013, 04:40
Forum: Journeywar
Topic: Journeywar
Replies: 1246
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Re: Journeywar

Holy cow, Picasso, you are doing crazy things with this engine!
by MidKnight
06 Feb 2013, 07:27
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Antichamber
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Re: Antichamber

Bump, as it's now out! I haven't finished the game yet, but I know at least one person in our community has. Any initial opinions? Personally, I was a little disappointed that the game didn't do more weird space-time warping than it did, but it's still a fantastic game IMO, and entirely unique in so...
by MidKnight
06 Feb 2013, 07:18
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Spring Cooking
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Re: Spring Cooking

Lolsquad_Steven wrote:Has anyone here been using cast iron for a while, i just started using them and yeah... they're a game changer.
I wanted to switch after reading this article, but I haven't gotten to it yet. That article's really useful, though!
by MidKnight
31 Jan 2013, 09:01
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Cherry MX
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Re: Cherry MX

I've had blues for... I think 2 years now. I'm still not sure how I feel about them. I really like the tactile feel, and I don't mind the floating clicky point. On the other hand, I generally have a light touch on the keyboard, and I do most of my typing on the laptop keyboard with less travel. ...i...
by MidKnight
31 Jan 2013, 08:54
Forum: Infrastructure Development
Topic: and down
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Re: and dow

I also miss Some friends and I were actually discussing a thing recently, and I remembered a relevant springquote which I then tried to explain. Imagine my feelings of shock and embarrassment when the site wouldn't load! :o
by MidKnight
31 Jan 2013, 08:51
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Spring Cooking
Replies: 26
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Re: Spring Cooking

MK's meal-making-maxim #328: Almost anything with a lot of glucose content and relatively little water tastes better and more sophisticated when exposed to heat. Bread toasts and gains this great smoky flavor, sugars caramelize, foods develop nice crusts, etc. Microwaving bread is no fun because mic...
by MidKnight
31 Jan 2013, 08:38
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Hello from Antarctica
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Re: Hello from Antarctica

Oh man, these are some awesome pictures!

It looks like you guys had an amazing trip. :-)
by MidKnight
13 Jan 2013, 07:03
Forum: Art & Modelling
Topic: Random WIP 2013+
Replies: 406
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Re: Random WIP 2013+

You're doing it right by introducing yourself with content. :mrgreen: You'll find that, as long as you're willing to back up your ideas with models and/or code, many of the very experienced people on this forum will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! You should start by playing...
by MidKnight
06 Jan 2013, 01:20
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
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Cubex wrote:My last project was a printer but my /home partition f+cked up and i losted all :_(
Ah, there's your problem -- you should have fsck'ed it up instead.
by MidKnight
06 Jan 2013, 01:17
Forum: Videos - contributions
Topic: Zero-K trailer
Replies: 20
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Re: Zero-K trailer has a sweet nuke sound, but your speakers/headphones need good low-bass reproduction.

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