2020-08-13 16:26 CEST

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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000219850.82.6.1crashresolved (abma)2011-11-06Crash on load with bump-mapped water on Radeon HD 6870
  0002484170.82.7.1crashresolved (abma)2011-11-06Dedicated server massive memleak (3g+ in few seconds) - also brings down main spring server
  000268830.82.7+gitminorresolved (Kloot)2011-11-01(develop) UnitFinished is called twice when setting build progress to 1 with Lua
  0002449 0.82.7+gitminorresolved (Kloot)2011-10-22Backwards (facing away from the sun) slopes arent shadowed
  00026518crashresolved (hoijui)2011-10-02(master) crash in rai
  000267010.82.7+gitmajorresolved (hoijui)2011-09-26Global data-dir is not scanned on windows (always acts like in ISOLATION mode)
  00026442minorresolved (hoijui)2011-09-25(master) console output goes all to stderr
  000263520.82.7.1crashresolved (hoijui)2011-09-10Access violation with Spring.TransferUnit. Only some players crash
  00026452minorresolved (hoijui)2011-09-09LOG section system in Sound.cpp fails
  00026402crashresolved (hoijui)2011-09-09(master) crash when HOME isn't set
  00026391majorresolved (hoijui)2011-09-05(master) spring --list-skirmish-ais doesn't return ai's
  000262910.82.7.1featureresolved (hoijui)2011-08-30Pos2BuildPos (both Lua and engine-internal) ignores facing
  000250110.82.7+gitmajorresolved (hoijui)2011-08-13Projectiles often not visible
  00026013featureresolved (hoijui)2011-08-08Enable SIGNAL_NANs in debug compiles, except in rts/lib/lua/
  00025954majorresolved (abma)2011-08-04(master) valgrind log complains about: "Invalid read of size 4 in DamageArray::GetDefaultDamage() const (DamageArray.h:47)"
  00025991minorresolved (hoijui)2011-08-04make generateSources doesn't work on a clean source-tree
  00025871crashresolved (hoijui)2011-08-01(master) client crashed after server shutdown in UDPConnection.cpp:789
  00025831minorresolved (hoijui)2011-08-01(master) spring-headless: SIGFPE in InfoConsole.cpp:165