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0000733Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-01-03 02:39
Assigned ToLordMatt 
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Summary0000733: LuaUI Errors whenever spectator sends a chat message
DescriptionIf I watch the attached demo (the original one), I get LuaUI Errors:
LuaUI::RunCallin: error=2, Add Console Line, [String"-------------,,,"]:381: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'v' (a nil value). This happens whenever I had previously typed a command as team 1 (after starting as team 0 in the original game). My console is managed by the latest version of IceUI.
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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LordMatt (reporter)

This with r5128.


el_matarife (reporter)

If this demo still works in the newest SVN we should test it @ 7PM GMT since I'd assume this is 100% reproducible. Not a blocking or major issue but should be on the fix list, time permitting.


LordMatt (reporter)

I get these whenever a spectator talks. I'm using IceUI, so it may be an IceUI error, or a LuaUI error caused by IceUI calling a particular function.


LordMatt (reporter)

Fixed in IceUI

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